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Hitting Grief

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It’s been a while since my last post. I don’t know where to start. Let me paint a picture to give this context. Have you ever loved someone so much that you could never see yourself without them and you played out scenarios of them being with you no matter what happens? Well, this was me.

My dog Bissell sadly passed away from liver failure on November 6th, 2020. He had been ill for a couple of months after contracting leptospirosis from a neighborhood dog because they allowed it to urinate everywhere in the communal area of our flats. They wouldn’t even clean up after it happened. Consocencly, Bissell had inhaled some of the infected urine from the floor and he contracted the disease.

We tried everything for Bissell over the course of two months. Helping him eat, late nights, taking his medication, and kept him as happy as we could. He was beyond loyal and showed no pain even up to the end. I know he was just trying to spare my feelings.

Fast-forwarding to the day he passed away. I got up like normal and attempted to get him moving to do his business outside. I attached his lead, but Bissell couldn’t stand up. Alarm bells went off in my head so I picked him to my chest. All I could hear was his breathing being labored, it was a very weird sound. Gargle, gargle, click, and that would repeat. At this point, we attempted to get him to walk, but all he did was walk into the wall twice.

We rang our vet from the PDSA and they asked to see him straight away. I knew at this point that he wouldn’t be coming back and my heart broke. Tears were streaming down my face as I took him to the car. I gave him a big cuddle and kiss, told him I love him, and handed him to my mother. She looked at me and said, “you know he’s not coming back?” I said yes, and tears fell even more.

Mum and Dad came back about twenty minutes later with his collar. They explained that when they got there the vet said that Bissell had minutes to live and he handed him back to mum. With that, Bissell took one last breath and closed his eyes, and he started his journey over the rainbow.

The aftermath of losing him has been terrible, he was my best friend and a huge part of my life. I have been left mentally worn out and I no longer feel like me. It’s been four months and the grief still brings me to tears. I’m now no longer wanting to do things that I loved, and I feel like I want to shut myself away from people. I don’t think I will ever be the same again.

Maybe I need to seek extra help regarding this, but for now, I need to power on through it all. Take what you will from this. Grief has hit me so hard, and I don’t know what to do.

YouTube Dislike Button — Exposed 

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As a content creator for YouTube we all strive for positive feedback, but at times you find that this isn’t always the case. Negativity thrives within the YouTube platform, it’s plagued with people who want to put you down and cast aspersions on you as a content creator.
If we look at the history of this problem it becomes clear that these people who want to spread negativity are going away from commenting their thoughts to hitting the dislike button to show their disgust. Where those who do this think it has an impact on you, but the real reality is, it helps you rather than hinders you.

Just like a search engine, all videos are graded by an SEO score, or in other words, the video is ranked by its content (title, description, and meta tags.) The score is usually generated by normal scoring methods at the time of upload, but later on, as the video grows it will decide a new rank based on an interaction rate.
The interaction rate is determined by four major factors: likes, dislikes, views, and shares. For example, you could get a point for each factor and that will be added to your overall score. But, we must remember all systems are different and YouTube could score everything differently to the way I explained above.
No matter what way we explain the scoring, you will still receive a good score for highly disliked content. Bad publicity as they is good publicity, grab it with both hands and embrace the negativity.

Most of the time people who spread this negativity are of a younger age and they don’t know any better, which isn’t an excuse for their actions, but we must remember that it is an attempt at getting attention from you. It is likely that they are a young child seeking attention, but it comes out as aggression because they don’t get any attention from their home setting. Or, they are someone who is struggling with aspects of their life and again, it comes out as aggression and not anything rational.

There is no way to end this problem 100%, but do we really want to cut this problem? Bad publicity is the cornerstone to success these days and it can open doors for you; that’s what we all strive for, embrace it.

Two Minute Take – YouTube Channel

Ozeri Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food Scale — Midweek Review

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The Ozeri Ultra Thin kitchen scales are beyond simplistic. You turn the scales on, place an item on the scales, wait for it to start weighing, select your measurement, and BOOM! The jobs done! 

Ozeri, yet again, maintain fantastic build quality, and sleek look. Hands down, Ozeri do make some sexy products, but as the old saying goes: sex sells. And, if you look at their products, it is clear that Ozeri want to maintain this now and future products. This product looks good in any kitchen no matter what the decor it is. 

Within this product you will find three measurement options: pounds, kilograms, and ounces. Also, with a vibrant display and big numbers, this is very easy for anyone to read. 

For the price point of $17 (correct as of 14th November 2015) it is clear that you get a quality for a low price. 

Find out More on Amazon US


Ozeri Green Earth Pan 8 inches Featuring Greblon — Midweek Review

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Ozeri has extended its pan collection, which now includes a smaller 8 inch pan featuring Greblon. 

Maintaining their high standards and quality, Ozeri has managed to make a smaller robust pan that is very light to handle and keeps the same build quality that you’d expect from Ozeri. 

This pan cooks food evenly, and maintains high cooking standards that will make any professional cook weep at the knees and want this pan. 

Attached pictures will show the kinds of food that we cooked with this pan, and most of them are ones we all struggle with that get stuck to the pan. 

Features and Details

Each pan utilizes GREBLON ceramic – an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free (no heavy metals or chemicals).

Innovative textured pan surface delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures.

Scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating that is super easy to clean.

Made out of durable heavy-gauge pure aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

Each pan boats a comfortable heat resistant silicon coated handle, and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer. 

Amazon UK


Public Service Announcement – Police Investigation Two

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This is an update blog concerning an ongoing investigation with the police, which is concerning recent events.

Things have broken up in my recent relationship, and due to things that I was faced with in terms of evidence, there was a likelihood that the information being given had a certainty of truth to it. All evidence had been shown to the police, which also includes threats made.

I will remain civil, but I do not accept Slander, nor do I accept threats and aligations that are unfounded. When I give evidence, it is founded on truth and facts whether it’s found digitally or verbally, and that’s what I have given the police.

One aligation made was concerning my receipt of benefit payments. Whether I write books or write music, all money is given to charity under legal agreements. I make no extra money, I am actually doing this all at a loss. Each time I publish something, it costs me a certain amount. Books require covers, ghost editors and re drafts, which can cost £60 per book plus fees. Music requires me to pay distribution fees, this can range between £8 and £18 per year.
Bare in mind I have published 14 songs, this has cost £36 so far, and I have many more planned for the charity.

In terms of payments made, it has only been a very small amount (£2) but the songs are going to be forecasting a slightly bigger amount as each calendar month comes along due to popularity.

I fully comply with the DWP rules and regulations, which allow me to still claim and do hobbies that allow me to continue on with my life.

Lastly, the aligation of hitting my ex. This is fully untrue, and I have email confirmations that I have shown the police that confirms from her that I never laid a hand on her.

Reason for writing this is simple, I will not be accused or be threatened by people to scare me away. And, I will not accept aligations that are completely false. I back aligations with proof, and that’s what makes my declaration of evidence more founded.


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