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YouTube is Hollywood

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YouTube has lost its way. Years ago it used to be about broadcasting yourself but now it’s all about filling their platform with false sitcom based content. 

Let’s use Jake Paul as an example, he portrays a life that isn’t 100% real, the content is made like a production to lure younger viewers in to gain viewership, and to make them believe its a life to aim towards. The unfortunate part of life is that isn’t always a bag of fun and even away from the cameras there is a lot of hardship. 

I’ve briefly touched on previous YouTuber’s such as Lance Stewart for his false ghost videos, and thankfully that is but a distant memory. People within his own fan base were getting tired of being mislead, but now he seems to be back on track with his usual vlogs in New Jersey. 

I pointed out these two specifically due to them being able to mislead their fans and somehow they come back from it like nothing happened. 

The one thing that’s helped some creators is the recent ads issue, where these big YouTuber’s had ads on anything no matter what it was, but now they have finally stepped up and took the ads away. If you are truly misleading people and doing it knowingly, you shouldn’t be earning from that because it is false advertising. 

Talking about the ad issue, it has been uncovered that certain people have rights to bypass their advertisement checks for monetisation. Bit of a kick in the teeth if you ask me, but YouTube are a force of their own and they can give different rules to whoever they want; we all know they will deny favouriting certain things, but we are used to this. 

Somewhere in these ramblings you will understand my point, big YouTuber’s can do as they please, and Hollywood overruns the network. 

Lance Stewart Paranormal Ghost DEBUNKED!

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Controversy heightens as Lance Stewart posts another video about paranormal activity in his apartment. There is definitive proof that these videos are fake and isn’t real life events.


Half a bottle.

The picture above shows how two clips that got split together and left a bottle on the side in half which after a second regains its shape.


Second Shadow Line.

Did he use a rope? Yes, he did. Above you will see that his leg has a second shadow which appears to be a line. Again, two videos split together.


A hole with a hole.

Smashed mirror after using the Ouija in the latest video upload by Lance. Convincing, but look closer.

A hole within a hole and no audible glass dropping, legit right? Wrong! If hit with a closed fist there would not be a middle intrusion and would still have glass remaining within the gap. The closest guess I can make right now is that someone shot something at the glass, this would explain the secondary hole within the gap.


Surprise Cameraman.

Vlogging himself, who is this creature? A cameraman that has never been mentioned by him before. No Chris and no Adin.


No running call timer. 

No active call, audio was played from another device. iPhones usually display a name or number if in a call on the lock screen.


Caller ID Faker website.

After the first call, Lance now claims that he gets a call from +1 (666) 666 6666. He used caller id spoofing websites such as

The problem with these videos aren’t the entrainment value, but it is because Lance is falsely claiming that this is happening, and unfortunately his younger demographic audience believes it.
With all the evidence in hand, you will see that his videos are all for entertainment purposes only and are not of any realism.

Lance Stewart Paranormal Ghost FAKE!

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Lance Stewart is well known for his overreactive videos, and this has gained millions of views from click-baiting many of his videos.
In recent videos, he proclaims that a demon lurks the walls of his apartment. Him & his girlfriend (Lizzy Wurst) said it all started after they recorded a video while playing with an Ouija board at a cemetery.
Even though the entertainment value is there, it failed to fool many people.


Lance Stewart Ghost Wire Pull.

The video starts out with Lance going to sleep with Lizzy, and as time goes by (only seconds), he gets “dragged” from his bed.


Lance Stewart Exposed Wire Shines.

It seemed convincing, but look closer you will see the invisible wire shine as it reflects on his backlighting behind the camera. The frame above has been enhanced to show it distinctly.

If you thought this was real, then you were mistaken, at best it for entertainment purposes only, not a real life situation.

Video debunked!

Bart Simpson Megaphone Challenge!

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Such an iconic bit of nostalgia from our childhood. The Bart Simpson megaphone gag was something unique for its time, but it always left you feeling whether it could work or not. One YouTuber (TheBackyardScientist) decided to put this to the test, and it was with unexpected results. Find the video below or click here.


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