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Blocking People out — The Demise

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I think it’s safe to say that we all at times re-evaluate our lives to see what can make things a lot smoother and stress-free. I have been caught between this re-evaluation period for some months now and I can certainly determine without any doubt that it has been a wise experience, Many long term friends that I went to school with have faced the chop and even long standing friends from my childhood have faced the same fate. 

When drastic actions like this are undertook it usually doesn’t affect anyone within a close circle, but mine has needed that push to think who will be there in the long run. I can’t say that it’s been easy, nor can I say that it’s been something I set out to do, but I can say that it has been something I needed to do. I had to do it, I could not allow it to continue on that road, and that is why I had to make a new road for myself even if that meant going at it alone. 

Many people blocked me from social media months ago for choices I made-which is fine-but at times I don’t think anyone grasps the fact that you have to make your own choices and take any risks whether it means you lose people or not. 

You know what my problem is? Being too trusting and caring. People over the years have taken advantage of that on a big scale. Many of those who I have trusted with huge amounts of money and who have now left me high & dry to pick up pieces of my life that were once stable which are now ruining a possible future. I often blame myself for being too kind to people because I know ultimately that it is my fault because I allowed it to happen. I allowed them to have that privilege, but they were only after one thing-by the way this is many people, not just one person. 

Over a course of four years, my life has been on a downhill. Money has dwindled, people have walked away, and my health has diminished. I predicted a lot of my future and it’s beyond crazy. 

In 2009 I predicted that my money situation would start in early 2015 which would foresee me losing any savings or luxury goods. Even though the timing wasn’t correct I did see a loss as of late 2015; close enough.  

As of 2011, I predicted that I would have a heart problem within four years. Which they did in early 2013, but a final diagnosis was made in mid-2016. I was admitted into the hospital the on 17th January 2013 with a heart rate of 154 which they put it down to anxiety. After three years and many tests later, they discovered that my body produced too much adrenaline, and this was their final conclusion as they found no other defects with my heart or health. 

Late 2013 I also predicted my massive weight gain-but I’m not sure whether this was a lucky guess or life changes. Either way, whatever it was I gained fifty-four pounds within two years. 

With all this said, has my life just dealt me a bad hand or was my life determined to head in this direction? Or could it be possible that I foresee my own future? Crazy as it may seem it might be true and no one will ever know if my predictions were true. 

There’s a little brain teaser for you to mule over. 

Facebook Details – Career Rumour

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It has come to my attention that fellow readers seem to believe that I work for Facebook due to my extensive knowledge of the social media site.

Unfortunately, my fellow readers, you have it all wrong, I do not work for them, nor do I have tools to gain information. The rumour about me having tools was believed by someone I knew, and in essence it was used to push certain people to tell the truth.

While I do not have tools, I do have contacts who pass me information, and no, they do not hack, these contacts will remain anonymous. I’ve had these contacts for years, and I never question what’s been given to me; I don’t even know how it’s obtained, I just get sent print screens.
But, it has helped me from being taken for a ride over the years.

The only things I know how to do are URL tricks, a lot of these are public knowledge, just Google them. And, no, these aren’t hacks.

Again, I do not work for Facebook. I don’t work for anyone, due to ill health.

In terms of my knowledge of Facebook, in my younger days I did a lot of programming and I taught myself a lot about PHP, and this is why I know a lot about the logics of the site. Even though I haven’t done PHP for over eight years, I still keep up with the changes, and I look at demos a lot to see what’s new.

I hope this clears up rumours, I’m too ill for all this, my life is tiring enough with all this pain.

Facebook – Dislike Button Coming

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Facebook have finally buckled under and listened to user demands. But, it won’t be what they’ve all asked for.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, it will be in the form of a “sad” button, he feels that a dislike button would be insensitive to other users.

Even though Facebook admit that this button will be used for showing negativity, but I think they are prepared to take the chance.

After researching, there appears to be no conformation on dates that they will be rolling this out.

Ozeri 12″ Green Earth Wok – Midweek Review

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The 12″ Earth Green Wok by Ozeri is a very versatile piece of kitchen equipment, it comes with a smooth ceramic Non-stick coating that is 100% PTFE and PFOA Free. Not only just food friendly, but earth friendly too!

When you look at other wok’s, you seem to find that the build quality is very poor and light, but with the Ozeri Green Earth Wok you won’t come across this issue. From start to finish Ozeri have took attention to detail when making this product, it may seem on the heavy side, but this gives you the reassurance that it wont get knocked over easily, unlike other Wok’s in this price range.

We did two cooking tests with the Ozeri Green Earth Wok; One was cooking fried eggs, and the other was cooking a stir fry. Pictures will be at the end, but spoiler alert, the food was made to perfection!

Would I recommend this product? Yes. This is the only Wok currently that I have found with perfect build quality, doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals, great value price, and makes food to perfection.

Find it on Amazon UK

Painful Insomnia

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As much as I try to put the pain to the back of my mind, it seems to creep up on me all the time. With this pain crippling my body, it has been very hard to sleep, I try all all positions possible, but to no avail, I can’t seem to sleep properly.

The pains can vary in location, sometimes it can be in the legs and back, while other times it can be across my whole body. All this is getting crazy, and all I have to take the edge off is very strong pain killers, which leave me high off my face, and at times I don’t even know my own name because of it.

But, needless to say, there’s people worse off than me, I just needed to air some frustrations. I want at least one day where I didn’t have problems, if it isn’t pain, it’s my heart going at speed. No wonder I spend nearly every day laying down.

Charity Album – The Spirit Within

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The Spirit Within is my first album for charity, and I plan to release many more.

All my music royalties go to The Little Miracles in Peterborough which is a charity that helps children with various special needs. 

And, I would also like to announce that this album is my first CD release.

So, no matter if you stream it or buy it, you will be helping children with various special needs. I have the satisfaction of knowing, all money made goes to them, I make no money on my music, and as of next payment, I will publish each and every receipt of donations made from the royalties.


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Inspirational Down Syndrome Model to Walk New York Fashion Week

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18-year-old Brisbane model Madeline Stuart has announced that she will be walking the walkway at New York Fashion Week.

Madeline is such an inspiration, and she has proved that anyone can be a model no matter what condition you have. Nothing, but big kudos from me.

Read more about the story on Buzzfeed CLICK HERE


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