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Rouge eBay & Amazon Book Sales

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Over the last twelve hours we have been informed about rouge sellers trying to profit from selling my books at unbelievable prices. The truth is that they don’t even own any stock of the books, they simply order it through Amazon at a reduced cost and Amazon ships it to the customer.

We are now taking the steps necessary to have any listings taken down from any site that are falsely claiming they have stock when it’s really being printed on demand. This does not include legitimate sales, eg. Actual purchases of the book. We do allow resale of books if they have been purchased from our publisher or authorised printing providers. Printing providers include: fulfilled by Amazon, lulu.com, Waterstones, WHSmith, and any third party company related to lulu.com.

Being transparent on this issue is paramount, and that is why we are honest about the situation. Please also bare in mind, even as the author of these books, I make NO PROFIT from sales of the books and proof can be provided of this. The only person making any profit in this is my publisher lulu.com and that is as and when a book is ordered.

If you wish to get my books for free you will find them on every major bookstore. These include: iTunes, Google Play, Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Each paperback book was transferred to ebook formats and this will always be the case, and FREE of course!

Thank you for the ongoing support and I hope you continue to support me through this book journey.


Taking Life Easy

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After the big virus of the winter, I have started to take life a bit more easier. The last month was crazy, a big virus, and then I get sickness afterwards.
While I had this virus, it made my anxiety worse and it made my heart beat faster than normal. Just relaxing my heart would be at 115 – 135 bpm, which is fast, but luckily that’s settled down and my heart is now at 79 – 95 while resting. So, I guess that’s a plus for me.
Anyhow, even with this said, I am still taking time out, but I will be writing and continuing with current stories to pass the time.
Stay safe.

Tuesday Poet eBook Refresh

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I have finally started refreshing some of my FREE eBooks. So, I decided to refresh one of the newest ones first. Tuesday Poet: Volume One had a very bleak cover, but it has been deeply refreshed with a new simple design. I know it may seem mad, purchasing covers for FREE eBooks, but I’m not wanting to make money, I am here to give myself to the world, and share what I love to do as a hobby.
The new cover is pictured below, and I have attached links to the cover designer and the eBook.


eBook FREE Download

Cover Designer: FrinaBookCovers

The Morrow Secrets Book Review

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I HAVE BEEN reading this book for about a week now and I have been surprised by the depth of the story. This book initially is for young adults, or teenagers, but this would also suit many adults. Being a complete novice to the genre of this book, it was surprising how easy I took to it. The book is very descriptive, mysterious, unique, and I say this with no hesitation, Susan McNally’s writing style could easily rival JK Rawling.
     I would highly recommend this book, it will keep you in suspense all the way through. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
     If you would like to purchase this book, click here to get it from Sweet Cherry Publishing.

FREE Book Market

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FREE BOOKS, NOT always a bad thing, it’s all good having a collection of books that are free, but it isn’t a good thing when people expect books to be free all the time. Admittedly, I have many free books you can download, but this was by choice and not the expectations of someone else. Some of the books I published simply ran their course, they made a comfortable amount of royalties, I can’t complain, and that’s why I decided to make them free.
     Even though giving away free books may seem pointless, you must see the advantages. If someone comes across your book, it is likely that they will read the free preview, which is perfectly fine, but that only gives them a short glimpse of your work. Even if you have one free book, it could make a huge difference, especially if you market the book correctly, and add everything required so people can find all your other books—this is marketing at its core.
     We live in a world where people expect things to be free, it’s a well-known fact, everyone likes a bargain, but there is a way around this. Once you have someone hooked, they will pay whatever if it’s something they enjoy. I will use myself as an example, I purchased one James Patterson book, I became hooked and now I own approximately thirty of his books, and I always keep up to date with his upcoming publications.
     So, will this happen to you? Who knows? It’s simple marketing, it won’t cost you a penny to give this method a try, you have nothing to lose, but you could have something more to gain.

FREE eBook Series

Subconscious Book Reviews

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HAVE YOU EVER bought a book, and then decided to take a look at the reviews even before turning a page of the book? This is something you shouldn’t do, even though reviews are helpful and they can be an ultimate decider for some readers, but you must make up your own mind, and give a book a chance.
     Say you brought a book, and then you looked on popular review web pages to find that the average rating is low. Subconsciously, you will be thinking that the book is a load of rubbish, and chances are you wont even finish that book or even get into it because your mind is set on what the reviews have said. Unfortunately, we are creatures of habit these days, reviews take over our thought process and makes the decisions for us, and yes, these can be helpful, but other times they aren’t.
     You need to disconnect yourself from the review process, take no notice of those stars, whether they are high or low, always make up your own mind, remember most books have a free sample which you can download or where you can view them online, and hopefully that will help you instead.
     I wont deny that I have let reviews take over my thought process in the past about a book, but I have learned overtime to read it before dismissing it. I know from experience that dismissing a book forces you not to learn something new, it could be very inspirational, and you’re refusing to take notice because of a review. Never put a book down until you have read some of it, once you give it a chance, I can assure you that it will look a lot different from those reviews.

Ronnie GITT’s latest adventures, FREE DOWNLOAD!

Copyright Removal for eBooks

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DURING MY TIME as an author, I’ve had my fair share of problems with the underground pirates. They find ways to grab copies of my paid for eBooks and then distribute them across many web pages. This of course is against copyright law, and even though it can cause some frustration, you have the upper hand over these pirates, and it’s time to take control.
     First of all, you need to find the offending web pages, and remember the major search engines are your friends. The best search you can make is the one that uses quotes, for example: “Your Name” “eBook,” this will be your starting point. When you look through your search results, you need to look out for anything that is suspicious, and the most common one to look for is ones that say “FREE Download” because chances are they have a copy of your paid for book.
     Once you have found the web sites, you can do one of two things. One, you could just leave it and let people continue to rip you off, which means a loss to you in earnings, and then you give the pirates control. Two, you file DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) requests to all the major search engines, it may take sometime, but believe me, it will be worth it in the long run.
     To file these requests you will need to find the search engines DMCA form, every major search engine has one for legal purposes, and they will make it easy to find. Simply search the search engine for their own name and add DMCA on the end, it should come up in the first couple of links.
     Remember, the law is on your side, and don’t give in. Even though they’re doing something illegal, you have to feel proud of yourself, you are one of millions of authors who have their eBooks or paperback books pirated, and most of the time it happens to those who are popular. So, feel proud of yourself because you’re going somewhere with your books, but protect your books because it’s your work, and not theirs.

Accentuate The Positive

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While the Mr. GIT eBook series carries on to have some download success, and much enjoyment, not only for the readers, but for myself and Steve as well. We have now decided it’s time to start expanding our little miserable character into to something more tangible. In a recent discussion, it was clear that we needed to make changes to Mr. GIT, not just in the way he is, but his name as well. As you know, we’ve always loved this character because in some way we all know someone like him, or even have a family member like him. The one thing that sets this character apart is his ability to use an open mind to say what we’re all thinking on different subjects.
Now, nothing major is changing, we just needed to make adjustments to stop any confusion with the definition of “GIT.” The original series will remain the same—it would take time to amend the current eBooks,—but from the next publication Mr. GIT will be known as Mr. Ronnie GITT. The adventures of Ronnie GITT, rolls off the tongue don’t you think?
In terms of pricing, the eBooks will remain free, and that includes any further publications under the new name. So, don’t worry, eBooks will remain free across all stores. Even though these will remain free, there will be other things added in terms of merchandise and paperback/hardback books to help fund this project. Some people may think this is a bad move, but I see it as a projection towards something we believe in and have a massive passion for.
With that said, I’m signing off, time to lie down, tiredness is kicking and this iPad screen is becoming a blur on the vision of the already impaired eyes of the user.

The Time, InstaScrapBook

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The time has come to make some changes, it wasn’t something I initially planned, nor was it something I wanted to do, but sometimes change is good. Over a year ago I published a book called “InstaScrapBook 2012 Picks,” a book that showcased pictures from my own Instagram feed in a year-by-year format. Now, the book wasn’t made to be a success, but more of a history collection—think of it like a time capsule, but in the format of a book. I wanted to share this with everyone, and seeing as I am new to all this publishing stuff, I decided to publish it; I guess I wasn’t expecting the negativity that came along with it.
Yes, unfortunately, there has been some negativity, or should I say, a lot of negativity. I’ve had many comments surrounding this book, people claim they could do better, but with that said, if they could do better, then please publish a similar book. Still, on the negative side. This book has been illegally distributed on pirating websites, which have now been banned from major search engines for their actions. When I discovered this it annoyed me, I won’t hide that fact, but after a long thinking session, I decided that there was nothing I could do, so in a way I was doing something good rather than bad. Normally when people do these things, it usually means that it’s popular and they don’t want people to pay the expensive price, so they host it on sites to allow free downloads.
I won’t repeat history, but this is why I have decided to retire the paperback version of this book and give away the eBook version for free across all the eBook stores. These changes have been submitted today (23 March 2014) and it could take up to six weeks to reflect any price changes. The paperback version could also take time to disappear, but until then, you will have every opportunity to purchase a copy, but remember this will be for a very limited time.
So, what can I say? Nothing more can really be said in all honesty, I tried an idea, but it failed. I can’t look at this as a failure, I have to take this as a lesson along the author road. No point crying over spilt milk.

Two Pens, and Cover Fail!

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8 August: Thursday

Two Pens in Three Weeks!

So, it’s currently silly o’clock in the morning and my body doesn’t know what it wants to do. I feel very tired, but my body wants to stay awake, it’s like my body is out of sync with my brain. I’m sure this will pass and I’ll go to sleep very soon.

Anyhow, let’s discuss something amusing. While I was writing a short story entry tonight, I noticed that my pen was starting to run out of ink, which annoyed me because this was the second pen I’ve used up in three weeks. I didn’t even know that I wrote so much, but I guess that will explain the amount of notepads I get through. This means I’ll have to buy more stationary in the morning, but I think this time I’ll buy pencils and a rubber instead because I waste ink just crossing things out. Can you believe it though? Two new pens completely used up in three weeks. Hopefully all this writing will lead to something productive, and it won’t seem a waste of money in the long run.

Well, on that note, I think I’ll try to get some sleep. I did sleep in the evening time, but I think I’ll need many more hours before my body is totally rested.

This is going to sound weird, but I keep waking up feeling very heavy, I think my body is half asleep because I tried looking at my phone and it was just a blur, and my hand had extra trails as I waved it in front of my face. I guess I’ll have to try to sleep again, but knowing my luck it won’t happen.

The morning was finally here, and for a change I felt fantastic! I had no pains and felt cheerfully refreshed, did I wake up in a different world, or is this an inverted dream where everything goes well? I don’t know how the pains disappeared, but I’m not going to question that because I’ve needed a rest from all the pains and sickness for a while now. Anyhow, with these good feelings running through my veins, I jumped out of bed at around 7:20am and I continued towards the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. I didn’t bother having any breakfast because I didn’t feel hungry, I thought I would leave it until I got back from Tesco’s because I would have worked up and appetite by then.

I dashed around Tesco’s as quick as I could, I didn’t want to be too long because the hunger was starting to build up inside me. Anyhow, when I got home I decided to eat a few yogurts to start me off. I’m going to start having food on a little and often basis because it might help me in the long run.

Sorry to cut this short, but I need to lie down, my medication are kicking me again. So, until the next blog, take care and stay safe!

9 August: Friday

Book Cover Fail!

Turns out that I needed an early night. You wouldn’t believe this, but I was in bed by 8am. I was completely exhausted, and for the life of me, I don’t know why. Anyhow, it looks like the long sleep, done me the world of good, well, apart from all the yawning!

I will warn you all now that this blog won’t be long, I’ve just noticed that the book covers for this book have been formatted incorrectly. I made the book cover a few days ago and I’ve only just noticed my schoolboy error with the formatting. So, this means, I’ve got to spend another afternoon in Photoshop formatting and scaling the existing cover. I don’t know why I’m complaining, it was my own fault, and all I need to do is copy the existing design, how hard could that be?

So, today has been it’s usual mundane routine, got up, went to the shop, and came back home. Then, I sit at a computer for several hours and write parts of novels that I’m working on. I am hoping this routine changes soon, it’s getting a bit boring, I need some excitement to give me inspiration. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I will probably spend all the time reading or on Twitter, no doubt Twitter will be a huge chunk of the day. Anyway, I’m off now, I need to correct the book cover or else I’ll be late with the deadline. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.


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