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Self Publishing in Decline — Monday Blogs

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I recently came across a few post on social media concerning self published authors and the cost of their books being too much. 

Ultimately, the cost depends on who you publish through, and even then, most self published books are a lot less in cost than other publishing houses top releases. I publish through LuLu.com for paperbacks, and even though I don’t put any costs on top, I still sell a lot of books, but bare in mind, I’m not allowed to earn extra money. In January I sold 70 copies of one of my books, and that retailed and made for £5.99 with nothing added on as profit. 

So, is self publishing in decline? To some it may seem like it, but I personally think that self publishing is growing year-on-year and the costs to do this comes down over time. 

Let me know what you think. Find me on Twitter: @MarcSnappy and Facebook: Marc Corn Books

Media Madness — Monday Blogs

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The media to me seem insane, idiotic, and down right boring. Most media outlets become very repetitive, it’s a constant reem of news stories that don’t matter, or stories that have been copied from elsewhere—to me, that isn’t journalism, that’s just being a copycat of original stories. 

It is a shame that I cannot name a few of the media outlets that do this. Obviously they would be very annoyed with my opinion, but what I will say is, I am glad I don’t buy any of their papers. At least, if I view it online, it’s not wasting money on paper that would be better off wiping ones backside with. Please bare in mind, I am mostly talking about small paper media outlets that are in print. 

But, putting my opinions aside and all the guessing. I think sometimes all media forms become very repetitive, they all have slow news days after all. For example, you know it’s a slow news day when they’re talking about people getting night vision in their eyes, or continuely going over the Jermery Clarkson Fracas. It’s boring, find unique content, and not stuff people aren’t interested in. 

I much prefer the works of Barcroft Media because theirs are unique, and in some cases relate to a lot of people. This is the news I would rather read in all honesty. 

Anyhow, rant over, catch you on the flip side. 

Human Respect

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This is something I need to address, it’s one of my pet hates, and outright, it boils my piss that people do this. 

People who chuck morals out the window and treat people like a piece of trash. Even myself this week, I had an ex who wouldn’t respect my wishes to leave me alone. Those kinds of people do my head right in, and if that ex is reading this, then blooming sod off, you won’t be causing harm to my loving relationship. 

Then there are those people who think women are sex objects, yet another thing that annoys me. A woman should be treated with respect, she isn’t a sex object, she isn’t a slave. She is a person that wants to be loved, women have feelings too, they aren’t sex toys to be used at someone’s whim or fancy. 

Sorry for the anger, but I have morals and respect. Some people in this world need to be locked up until respect people. Damn, I wish other people were like me, the world would be a better place! 

Expose Anxiety

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Well, the time has come when I have to tackle my anxiety. I’m using the exposure technique to try to overcome it. If you aren’t familiar with the exposure technique, it simply means, you gradually do things over time that cause your anxiety.
I have personally set a goal to walk from mine to a bench every day, this bench is about two streets away, so it’s good for a start. I will do this for a week, and then I will gradually increase the distance.
Anyhow, this is a quick Monday Blog to update you all. On another note, my knee and leg are still killing me, thanks for asking, not that you asked at all … Chat soon all.

Another file gone

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After my recent problem losing documents, I have been hit once again. Yet another document lost due to corruption, but luckily I saved that document as a PDF at the same time, so it isn’t a major loss.
I am starting to lose faith with cloud services, in such a short time, I have lost a novel and a old novel that’s already been published. These services should reevaluate their problems before more users are effected.
Anyway, rant over, need to lie down again due to illness. It’s really got to me today.

Backup Stories

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WHEN I USED do computer related activities, I always preached that it was important to backup any important files you didn’t want to lose. Now, in this day and age of technology most of us use cloud based, which isn’t a bad thing, but what happens if that service goes down, or what if the files don’t save correctly?
     So, you may be asking why I am talking about backing up files, well, after not practicing what I preach, I lost a very important novel that was due to be published in February 2015. I would like to thank a very well known cloud service for doing this, I won’t name names, but I am utterly annoyed that a service I have used for a long time has just suddenly started playing up. I will be checking, and double-checking next time.
     To prevent the same problem I came across, always make sure you backup the same file to several devices. When you save the file save it to at least three places, or more if your paranoid that the files will disappear. Flash drives, cloud services, computer, and hard drives are some of the choices you have. You can even save it to tablet devices if you have enough memory on your device.
     Anyhow, I hope you take note of this advice because I don’t you want to lose out like I have. I have a busy month ahead trying to get things back on track with the novel that has been lost—Oh The Joys …

Brain Scan

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I WASN’T GOING to make this public, but seeing as I have nothing else to talk about, this is all I got to discuss, unless you want to hear about my massive weight gain and fat backside.
     If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you will know about my struggling health issues. Well, to be brief, I have a brain scan this week to rule out and to discover what is going on within my head. I will do a post about it once I get the results, let’s hope it means an end to my dizziness.
     So, apart from this, I have continued to write my books, these things won’t hold me back or get me down.
     Anyhow, this was just a quick blog, I don’t want to talk your ears off.

Gaining Weight

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IT’S BEEN SOMETIME since I wrote a Monday Blog. What can I say? Life has been taking it’s toll on me, and due to the stress I have gained a lot of weight.
     As some of you may know, I have been gaining weight after recovering from anorexia—yes, makes suffer from it too! This weight gain has been fantastic, but I’m now at a stage where I’m over recommended weight levels, I’m still at a healthy weight, but borderline—funny that, I was underweight back in January. I have put this weight gain down to an unexplained growl in the stomach, I may be wrong, but that’s all I can put it down to currently.
     Anyhow, I will keep you all updated, this was only a quick blog.

Dizzy Progress

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I HAD SO much planned for this blog, but then life and health got in the way, and I completely lost my mojo; and that’s the reason I am throwing this quick blog together. If I was honest, I was in two minds whether to write anything today. This anxiety disorder has been playing up all day, felt on edge all day for no reason, or not that I know of anyway. For some reason it gets triggered by anything, and knowing my luck, I could probably fart and it would kick off.
     So, you might be thinking, why is it always doom and gloom for this bloke? Well, it’s not all doom and gloom, over the last few days I’ve had some improvements, despite a new symptom that I will explain shortly. If you’ve been reading or following me for a while, you will know that I have been suffering from dizziness for the last four weeks, the cause has been unknown, but I think what has been causing it. When I was looking in the mirror recently—doesn’t happen often, I’ve got one of those ugly mugs—I noticed that my left nostril seemed narrow, and upon further inspection it appeared to be narrow inside and blood could be seen. With this new found evidence, I decided to start a course of steam treatments, this should help with the narrowing, and it should help counteract the dizziness if there’s a blockage in the sinus cavities.
     I am happy to report that the dizziness has started to slowly disappear, but I think it’s going to take more than six steam sessions to clear it. The ultimate test will be if I wake up with a blocked nose caused by blood, once this clears, I imagine it will be all clear. Even though this is clearing up one problem, at a guess, I think it’s causing a secondary symptom of dry eyes. This is at a guess, but I am sure it will work itself out in the end.
     Anyway, enough of my rambling, one day at a time that’s what I say.

Restful Author

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BEING AN AUTHOR is probably one of the most creative tasks a person could do—I say one of because there are many creative tasks. As a fellow author, I know of the neglect we put on our bodies, novel deadlines come first, drafts come second, and ultimately we push the body to its limits. I bet, like many authors, you are up at all hours tweaking your novel, drinking mountains of caffeinated drinks to keep you going, this is all well and good in moderation, but this will soon catch up with you.
     So, let’s put a stop to it. A restful author will be a successful author, keep that quote in mind because eventually with effort, it will become true. Now, before I give you any tips, I want to make one thing crystal clear. These methods may, or may not work. Everyone is different, I can’t guarantee a 100% success rate, solely the success will be from your own efforts, and not because of the advice given in this post. The reason I use the term “successful author” is because anyone can do it if they have the right mindset, doing this will mean you’re more focused, and you will have better chance of more success.
     Firstly, introducing meditation will help focus and the clear the mind. Clearing the mind with meditation has proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. It’s very simple to do meditation. Choose a peaceful spot, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. You could also play calming music, this is one thing I do, and I find it helps. There is no time limit to meditation, just go with it, if you’re feeling peaceful, then just stop in your own time.
     Secondly, a touch of yoga will help the mind and body. I can’t advise anyone on what you can do with yoga because it could lead to legal issues if all goes wrong. I would advise talking to someone who is well-trained in this area of expertise. Or, you could look it all up on Google, but you do this at your own risk. I don’t want anyone complaining at me if they end up twisted into a pretzel, it’s your own fault if you didn’t seek medical advice.
     Third and final, a good healthy diet. Rich nourishment has proven to improve overall brain power, it helps you think clearly, and it will help your body. Getting the right nourishment levels can be troublesome, so again, my advice will be to seek help from someone who is trained in this area, don’t just do it on your own because it could cause more bad than good.
     Anyhow, there’s my advice for this Monday blog. I am off now, this dizziness is still getting to me, but I’m hoping it’s just a heat problem—bring on winter that’s what I say, much cooler then.


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