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Two Cheeseburger emojis starting a worldwide debate

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Image Credit: mirror.co.uk

What is the world coming to? People are debating the difference between the cheeseburger on Apple and Google devices. 

Users have noticed that Google have placed the cheese at the bottom of the cheeseburger, while Apple have placed it on top of the burger. This must be a modern day issue if people are worried about what a cheeseburger looks like on their devices. 

Google have said they will be discussing the offending emoji to come to a suitable solution. 

Lance Stewart Paranormal Ghost FAKE!

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Lance Stewart is well known for his overreactive videos, and this has gained millions of views from click-baiting many of his videos.
In recent videos, he proclaims that a demon lurks the walls of his apartment. Him & his girlfriend (Lizzy Wurst) said it all started after they recorded a video while playing with an Ouija board at a cemetery.
Even though the entertainment value is there, it failed to fool many people.


Lance Stewart Ghost Wire Pull.

The video starts out with Lance going to sleep with Lizzy, and as time goes by (only seconds), he gets “dragged” from his bed.


Lance Stewart Exposed Wire Shines.

It seemed convincing, but look closer you will see the invisible wire shine as it reflects on his backlighting behind the camera. The frame above has been enhanced to show it distinctly.

If you thought this was real, then you were mistaken, at best it for entertainment purposes only, not a real life situation.

Video debunked!

Katie Hopkins loses LBC job

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Katie Hopkins has never shied away from airing her opinions on Twitter and in which at times it has gained her backlash for these outlandish views.
But unfortunately, a recent tweet has landed Katie in hot water.

After the Manchester terror attack, she tweeted: “22 dead – number rising. Schofield. Don’t you even dare. Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution. #Manchester”.
Shortly after she deleted the tweet due to receiving mass negativity, and in which the tweet contained a Nazi term.

LBC Radio who employed Hopkins as a radio presenter didn’t take kindly to the tweet and subsequently fired her with both parties agreeing for her to leave on mutual grounds.
According to some news reports allegedly, LBC staff celebrated upon hearing of her departure.

This tweet hasn’t seen its way into internet history as of yet; she still faces questions from the police concerning the matter.
Her opinion has now come back to bite her, and this could see her change her ways; we can only but hope.

Has Kepler Discovered an Alien Megastructure? — Science News

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NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope is tasked with finding small, rocky worlds orbiting distant stars. However, exoplanets aren’t the only thing Kepler can detect — stellar flares, star spots and dusty planetary rings can also pop up in the mission’s observations.

Read More on Live Science

DIY hacker builds 20,000-volt Tesla coil lightning-blasting Nerf gun — Weird News

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DIY hacking has given us some great things — a Raspberry Pi turned mini Super Nintendo, a Kinect sensor turned 3D archaeological scanner. But now, US basement hacker Rob Flickenger has given us something utterly awe-inspiring. A 20,000-volt Tesla coil lightning-blasting Nerf gun.

Read More on Wired UK.  

Orphaned Wild Boar Piglet Is Adopted by German Herd of Cows — Weird News

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MAINZ, Germany — An orphaned wild boar piglet has found a new family: a herd of milk cows.

“I spotted the little fellow about two weeks ago,” 16-year old Jakob Kraft told NBC News from his family’s farm near the German town of Goettingen. “We thought it was quite funny that the little boar was mingling among the cows on our meadow.”

Read More on NBC NEWS


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