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Tuesday Poet — Reviews

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Today is Tuesday Poet,
And I have loads to say,
Watch this space and hear my rhyme,
So sit back and listen on this windy day,

The week started great,
It was promotions galore,
Reviews came flooding in,
And I asked for some more,

Who wouldn’t do the same?
They’re free after all,
Battery packs and food,
You know what I am saying y’all?

Oh my that turn of phrase,
Who knew it would be easy to replicate,
But it doesn’t matter as they say,
Signing on to Twitter to emulate.

World Poetry Day 2015

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Poetry is good,
Poetry can be sad,
Some people don’t like it,
They think it’s just a fad,

The power of rhymes,
The endless limericks,
Plucks at the heart strings,
Messed up word physics,

World poetry day is here,
So grab your rhyming books,
Enjoy the day of endless words,
Don’t forget to download some on your nooks,

Coffee is free today,
You pay with a poem,
But don’t forget the tip,
The man has spoken.

Download my FREE poetry eBook HERE

Tuesday Poet — The Dark

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The Dark

I lay in bed,
I lay in the dark,
Hoping not to be scared,
Unless a monster turns up,

I look into the darkness,
Nothing is there,
I hear a creek,
Is there a ghost over there?

I go to close my eyes,
But, the fear is too high,
Shivering like a leaf,
I pull the cover over my head,

I shine a torch,
Nothing can be seen,
Your imagination is playing tricks,
So, go to bed and have a nice dream.

Tuesday Poet – Pancake Day

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Tuesday Poet – Pancake Day

It’s pancake day and everyone’s on the flip,
Mixing egg and flour in a bowl,
With a slight stir it makes some gloop,
But don’t eat it or it will make you sick,

Pouring it in the pan making weird circles,
Forgetting the oil and the fire alarm goes off,
You get a chair to sand on to switch it off,
Doing the magic stand and then you fall off,

Back to the pan to give the pancake a flip,
You start feeling cocky as it lands perfectly,
So you flip it again with a good feeling,
You flipped it too hard and it’s stuck to the ceiling,

So non on the plate just on the ceiling,
Just because you had a good feeling,
You stand in dismay in the kitchen,
Isn’t it appealing a pancake dropped on your head from the celling.

Tuesday Poet eBook Refresh

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I have finally started refreshing some of my FREE eBooks. So, I decided to refresh one of the newest ones first. Tuesday Poet: Volume One had a very bleak cover, but it has been deeply refreshed with a new simple design. I know it may seem mad, purchasing covers for FREE eBooks, but I’m not wanting to make money, I am here to give myself to the world, and share what I love to do as a hobby.
The new cover is pictured below, and I have attached links to the cover designer and the eBook.


eBook FREE Download

Cover Designer: FrinaBookCovers

Tuesday Poet

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Once you look beyond the shadows,
The darkness is extinguish by a raging light,
It guides your path to the land of success,
Even when it’s bleak or even after death,

Isn’t it true that you hold a power within?
Don’t you believe those clouds of hesitation,
With your power and patience, you can rule the world,
Hold out your hand, and here is the key to all that is holding you back,

Stand by the lock and embrace this moment,
You are going to be let free and everything will be at your feet,
Slowly unlock that door,
Pull on the door slowly,

You look beyond the crack and just see an empty path,
This is your path and it’s here to guide you,
As you walk along this, mind the bumps and the cracks,
This path is like life, a winding path, filled with challenges, and you will make it through, but you have to take the first step.

Tuesday Poet

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Faker Poem

You’ve been talking for a while, and everything was fine,
They hide behind a wall of fake, and lie to you,
They act like everything is fine,

Everything came to an end,
They had 9 Facebook accounts of that you never knew,
When you prove all their lies,
They just say fuck you and say it’s all lies,

Minutes after they block you like a child,
Running away with their fake to cause trouble for someone else,
I must of touched a nerve and uncovered what they were hiding,
They must be on that flying pig full of lies,

The next search was funny, and it proved my point,
All the accounts were pending deletion, and ready to be destroyed,
But this all back fired and came to halt,

The next time you talk to someone online, always be prepared,
Crazy people can be found anywhere,
Even a nutcase who should be wrapped up in a white coat behind bars,
They were crazy, and they wanted attention,
But it came to an end, I found their real profile, and their fake intention!

Tuesday Poet

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My boxers are getting smaller,
My waist is being squeezed,
If I’m not careful,
They won’t pull up past my knees,

I don’t dare sneeze,
I don’t dare cough,
If I do,
It could rip apart my nuts,

Walking around like I shit myself,
It really makes people stare,
Chafing and cutting in all places,
And people don’t even care,

I would take them off,
But I would be arrested,
Exposing myself is crime,
So there’s nothing I can do,
It will rip my nuts virtually in two.

Tuesday Poet

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Life Will Be

Life will be what it will be,
Even if it’s rough,
Even if it’s merry,
Or even if you are picking berries,

Challenges will come and go,
As easy as the wind blows,
Just rise above and take the hit,
Don’t live with regret with your face down,

The almighty power we hold within,
It’s stronger than you will believe,
Unleash this power,
And the world will be at your feet,

Life may be rough,
It can also be hectic,
But don’t give in to the troubles,
Your here to give life a big bubble.


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