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Short Circuit Book, 1986

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Today has certainly been a relaxing day, I spent most of the time reading my new Short Circuit book that I received in the post today. I have a big fascination with this story, I don’t know why, but ever since I was a child the story has stuck with me and I’ve continued to love everything about Short Circuit. When the first movie was released in 1986, I wasn’t even born yet, so to have this appreciation at my age must seem weird to some people. I guess you could say my appreciation is fuelled by good workmanship, they put much effort into making the films what they were and let’s be honest that needs to be applauded and respected.


Short Circuit, 1986 Paperback

Anyhow, let’s get away from that topic. I’m going to give you a brief health update. Since my recent bug I’ve started to recover slowly, which means I’ve gained the power to eat and the sickness has disappeared. I’m glad that I’ve started to get back on track again because the last thing I wanted is to start losing weight again. I have done so well recently with my eating and I don’t want it to go back to how I was because that will mean I’ve taken ten steps back rather than ten steps forward. This is the worst thing you can do in any situation if you’re trying to recover, you need to carry on going forward, don’t look back because in the end you will gain more self-confidence to overcome whatever it is, and I know this works because I’m talking from experience. I taught myself that if I can overcome something it will make me stronger, and in the end it will make me a better person because I put up a fight to recover.

So, I must go now, I’m sorry to cut this short, but things have got in the way and I need to get things out of the way before the move. Until the next blog, chat to you soon and take care.



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