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Time Traveler Alexander Smith & ApexTV Exposed!

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Time Traveler Alexander Smith from 2118 is exposed as fake, along with their producer channel ApexTV. After analyzing their videos, it is apparent that Alexander Smith is played by the same person that appeared to be Noah in the Lie Detector video (look at the hands). Also, when you watch the recent Alexander Smith video (link below), you see that he is wearing a mask, and the lack of mouth movements prove that.
Exposed 100% as Fake!
Alexander Smith Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBCCKYyep98

Back from Cumbria

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BACK FROM CUMBRIA twelve days ago and I have been none stop ever since. Story writing and copying my diary from the holiday has taken most of my time, my own fault, I tried speed writing most of it when I got behind by a few days—not a wise idea, take note.
With the trip in mind, I had a fantastic time, I won’t give much away because you can read it all FREE on Smashwords—all links will be provided at the end.
Keep in mind that I have many publications which are FREE, so if you could take the time to leave a review, even if it’s just a few words, it would be appreciated. Myself and Steve put a lot of time into the writing process, and we just ask that you give some feedback, or even appreciation for what we do.
So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy of BloggyBook: Cumbria June 2014. After all, it’s FREE, who doesn’t like FREE stuff?

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Weekend Break to Torquay!

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10 May 2013 3:36am:

Well, I am off for a weekend break to Torquay with my parents. I can’t remember the last time I went away with them, it must be over four years at least! I have been up most of the night in pain with my stomach, this has occurred a lot recently. I know the main cause is, but I won’t go into detail about that, but what I will say is the side-effects take my energy away.

Anyhow, before I talk more about current events, I need to tell you a few updates before I forget. Let’s start off with the mobile phone saga, you will be happy to know the problem has been resolved. I don’t want to say much about this, but even though it has been resolved I have been left feeling let down by the mobile company because I was treated like dirt. When the problem was resolved, I had a call from the head manager in customer relations. They explained that the problem had been resolved and that he could close the ongoing complaint, at this point I became very annoyed, they were trying to get away with everything they caused! I said to the manager that the problem is resolved, but the complaint was not resolved. After an hour of explaining, the manager agreed that it wasn’t resolved, he asked what they could do to resolve the complaint to make me feel like a happy customer. So, to be brief, I requested a reoccurring credit for a certain amount of months. They accepted the offer I made without questioning it, which was good for me because the problem could finally be resolved and I could put the stress behind me.

The final bit of news is about my recent book launch. Since the launch of BloogyBook Spring Season 2013, there have been several downloads through the iBookstore and the kindle, which is fantastic news because people are loving the books I publish. I guess things can only get better!
Anyway, I am going to lie down for an hour, well that’s if I can, I might get some sleep because I am starting to feel exhausted.


So, after a few hours sleep, we were all up and heading on the road towards Torquay. I am sat here multitasking: tweeting, writing and playing games on my iPhone. There is one let down to writing on the move, and that is the poor handwriting caused by the bumps in the road. On a different note, all this multitasking is helping me take my mind off the urge I have to use the toilet, and before you even say it, yes I did go to the toilet before I left the house!
I am currently playing a game with K called Hack Run, we have both became addicted to the game. This game is a simple computer simulation and your job is to hack into the system, as you go along you will uncover different things, including government secrets that their hiding.


After six hours had past, we finally arrived at the holiday park in Torquay. We did have one stop on the way, but that was because I was dying to use the toilet. While we were having a break, I brought everyone a drink because it was starting to get hot, and I was starting to get very dehydrated. I had a terrible hot chocolate, it was small and it tasted awful, where’s a Costa Coffee when you need one? See I am promoting Costa Coffee again; hint, hint, sponsor?


So, it has been many hours since we arrived, and the weather has been it’s usual crappy self, the rain has been pouring down for hours! Even as I write this, I can hear the rain bouncing off the roof of the caravan. The rain is beautiful at times, it is so relaxing to hear the rain as it slowly trickles across the roof, it makes you feel safe and at peace with your inner self. I am glad the weather is cool tonight because for some reason I am feeling very warm, I don’t know what’s causing it, but I know it’s starting to annoy the hell out of me! I must admit that it could be withdrawal symptoms from my medication because I haven’t had any today, which means I am going to get told off by many people after they read this.

Anyway, let’s hope tomorrow is a better day. I am hoping to take more pictures for the blog tomorrow, I did take some today, which I will add after this. So, off to bed I go!




11 May 2013 11:07am:

What a rubbish nights sleep I had, every hour I was waking up. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. I was feeling rough before I went to bed, so this bad night was to be expected. I remember waking up during the night with stomach pains, these pains went away after I over on to my other side. The most concerning thing about last night was that I woke up with toothache in several teeth, especially the baby tooth I have in my lower set of teeth.

Anyway, putting this aside. I crawled out of bed at around 9am and I felt all clogged up in my stomach, which was causing me to get many pains across my abdomen. I had to take painkillers quick or else it would take over the way I feel, and it would start to make me feel much worse. Mum made me some spaghetti and toast for breakfast, which I really enjoyed, I ate all of it, and I even ate all the toast!

On an unrelated topic. I have been having issues with my iPhone 5, for some reason it keeps coming up with a message saying no Sim Card installed. I am guessing there is something wrong with the Sim Card sensors because it has been doing it for a while, I can usually fix the problem myself if I had the Sim Card ejector tool, but seeing as I forgot to pack one, I will have to wait until I go into town to sort it, but for now rebooting the iPhone usually sorts it for a little while.


What a weird chain of events, I think Lady Luck is on my side today, but before I tell you about that, I will tell you about our trip into the local town centre. We were going into the town to get some shopping and to take some pictures with my camera.
When we arrived into town, we went across to the harbour so I could take pictures of the expensive yachts. As we were going around the town, I took a few good shots, but the saddest part is, I didn’t take take as many pictures as I would have liked too.
After our walk around the harbour, we went on the search for a hot drink. I wanted to have a drink from Costa Coffee, but according to my iPhone there wasn’t one for thirty-eight miles, which was totally wrong because we found one two streets in from the seafront. So, with that said, mum went in to Costa Coffee to buy the drinks. I had a large hot chocolate with no caramel shot, I wasn’t in the mood for the extra sugar boost because I was feeling very sluggish. While mum was grabbing our drinks, I went across to the local EE store to see what was wrong with my iPhone. I explained my problem to the assistant, and he confirmed my own suspicions, he said I think you have a faulty Sim Card sensor in your phone. I said to him that it was fine, but for now could he clean my Sim Card, he said sure I will do that for you. I knew this would be a short-term fix, but it will see me through until I get back home to Essex on Monday.
So, with that done, I walked back across the road to wait for mum. After a short wait, mum finally emerged from Costa Coffee with our drinks, it was busy in there. Anyhow, with drinks in hand, we needed to find a place to sit down. There were plenty of benches about, but we wanted to find somewhere quiet. So, to be brief, we found a bench and had our drinks. I didn’t like the taste of mine, it was very bitter, I think they used too much chocolate powder.

After we had our drinks, it was time to head back to the caravan, well that’s if we don’t get lost first! Mum ended up getting us lost by giving dad the wrong directions. So, we were lost in the middle of the countryside, I had no choice, but to use google maps to direct us back to the caravan. Surprisingly the maps took us the right way, and we arrived back at the caravan.
I think I will stop writing for tonight, I am starting to feel rough. I will carry this on tomorrow, off to the land of nod I go!

12 May 2013 19:48pm:

So, this Lady Luck stuff yesterday, it was the FA Cup final and Wigan was playing Manchester City. When the game had twenty minutes left, I could sense Wigan were going to score a goal. So, with that said, I followed my gut feeling and placed a bet on Wigan to win via my iPhone. Anyhow, to be brief, Wigan scored a goal from a corner kick, and they won the FA Cup. I ended up winning £22, which I was pleased about because I made £16 profit.
This wasn’t the last of my luck, I had £5 left over from my winnings and I thought I would have a quick flutter on the greyhound racing. So, with that said, I put the £5 on one dog and it won, this gave me £10 in return, talk about doubling your money! Anyhow, in total I won £32, which isn’t bad for a gut feeling!

Anyway, back to today. The day started out with a lovely breakfast, I had six pieces of toast and spaghetti. Even though I had this large meal, I still felt hungry afterwards, so I had no choice, but to have a yogurt to fill the tank. I was stuffed after all that food, it felt like I was going to pop like a balloon and fly around the room!

I was in luck today because we were staying on the holiday park. I was okay with this because myself and mum were going to go for a short walk to take pictures of the surrounding scenery. So, with that said, we went out and took the pictures, I will include these pictures after today’s events. After we took the pictures, we headed over to the Cafe and had a Costa Coffee together. As we were drinking our drinks outside, we were looking at all scenery around us and appreciating the view we had of Torquay. Several minutes had gone by and it was time to make a move because we needed to get some stuff from the shop. As ŵe reached the shop, we noticed that all the lights off inside, we thought the shop wasn’t open today, but it turned out that the workers were on their break.

Anyway, to be brief, we picked up some shopping an hour later, and since we came back, I have been lying in bed because I have been feeling unwell. So, on that note, it is time for me to sign off. I have a long day tomorrow because we are traveling home and it takes about six hours in total. So, tomorrow for me will be spent sitting in a car getting a numb backside, how exciting is that?

13 May 2013 22:36pm:

So, it turns out I forgot to write today’s blog. I don’t know how it slipped my mind, maybe old age is catching up with me, keep in mind I am only 24 and I am complaining about being old!

Today has been an easy day, four hours in a car, and then when I arrived home I went back to sleep again. While we were traveling home, I was dying to use the toilet again, I couldn’t believe it, I went before we left. I think my bladder has a mind of its own, it selects when it wants to work and ignores when I need it to work!
Anyway, after an hour of crossing my legs and feeling hot, we stopped at a service station to use the toilet. Once dad stopped the car, I jumped out and started heading towards the service station building to find a toilet. I was trying to run, but I couldn’t because it felt like I was going to wet myself, and the last thing I wanted to do was to make a miniature pond in the car park. So, to be brief, I found the toilet, and it was now time to refill my tank with a cup of tea. I don’t know why mum did this, but she only gave me half a mug of tea, you couldn’t even drown an ant in it. After I finished the tea, I thought to myself that wasn’t enough, so with that said, I decided to go over to Starbucks to get a large hot chocolate. I don’t normal buy drinks from Starbucks, but recently I took a liking to their hot chocolate, and don’t worry Costa Coffee, you’re still my number one choice! Anyhow, with drink in hand, I downed it quickly because dad wanted to get back on the road. I could have drunk it while we were driving along, but for some reason I don’t feel right doing that, maybe it’s the panic disorder taking over of my mind, either way, I don’t know why I can’t drink it while moving along in a car.

I am going to skip ahead here because it is getting late and I am feeling sluggish again. We arrived home around 1pm, and the first thing on my mind was I need something to eat. I only had a small breakfast, so as you could imagine I was starving! I ended up making myself some spaghetti hoops on toast, it was lovely, and it certainly filled a hole!

Anyway, after this, nothing much happened in the afternoon, I spent several hours in bed because I was feeling rough. Before I went to sleep, I received a call from Steve, we had a good chat, well we tried having a good chat, but my iPhone had other plans for that call. Throughout the call my iPhone dropped the call five times and in the end it made me very frustrated. I have restored the phone to see if it makes a different, but if it carries on, I will have to make an appointment to see Apple because it does look like the phone is faulty.

So, it is now time for me to sign off. I hope you enjoyed the blog and pictures, I will be blogging randomly until the start of June, but when this does arrive I will be writing every day of the summer season. Anyway, time to check this for mistakes and then I am back off to bed.




Ninja Wasps, and York Pictures

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Well, it looks like the weather has started to warm up. My day started out at 10am with a large cup of hot milk, I didn’t feel like having something to eat because I felt unwell, and I also felt very heavy from the big dosages of medication I had yesterday. Anyhow, after I had my drink, I decided to head out to the shops. I had to go over to McDonalds because I won a free cup of tea yesterday (again), the staff at that restaurant must think I drink tea by the gallons each day, this will be the second time this week that I have won a free cup of tea, oh well, I won’t complain, it is free after all.

After a short trip around Tesco, I went across to McDonalds to pick up my free and McFlurry. When I go to McDonalds I always order the same thing, two teas and two caramel McFlurries. I only found out recently that I could have caramel sauce on my McFlurry, I was previously having them plain which got very boring after a while.
So, with my food in hand, I headed back home. While I was walking back, I was stunned by a wasp trying to get at my McFlurry, so, in pure ninja style I waved my hands to get it away, well and I also ran too, but oh well. I hate damn wasps, they are evil little things, no matter what happens, they just want to sting you for the hell of it.

I am having to cut the blog short, I have a lot to do, but don’t worry, nothing I can’t handle. I hope to hear from the mobile phone company tomorrow to sort out my no service problem. The last time I spoke with them, they said that higher management are very annoyed by the way I have been treated, and they were also disgusted by the way I have been spoken to by two managers, so lets hope they will sort out this problem quickly because I am starting to get annoyed.

Anyway, I am going to sign off now, but before I do, here are the pictures from York I promised.


River Picture in York, Remastered by FStopPhotographs


Looking down a lane


A nice Church Clock


More River Reflections


Pigeon detailed shot


Carl, Close up.


Steve, Biggles Hat


Denise wearing a hat

York Trip Part Four

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Well, the April showers are finally here, it has been raining most of the day. According to the forecast, this weather is set to stay with us for the next month, so if you live in the United Kingdom, get your umbrellas out because we are expecting loads of duck weather!

Anyhow, back to the York trip. The day was Saturday, and the time was around 12:30pm. We were heading towards a fountain in the town centre because everyone was meeting there. Apart from the people I have already mentioned, there were only a few more that were coming to the gathering.
Once we arrived at the fountain, we all stood around waiting for everyone else to turn up. I was surprised to see that there was a good crowd of people already standing by the fountain, this was good because we didn’t have long to wait. While everyone was waiting around, myself, Steve, Denise and Carl went across to the local market to have a look around.

After ten minutes of watching Steve trying on new hats, we all headed back to the main group at the fountain. When we were all at the fountain, we started heading towards a pub called the Black Swan, this is where everyone goes each year to have a meal together.

I am going to sum up the gathering because I am currently feeling unwell, and I need to get many things in this blog that I have missed out over the last few days. The meal at the Black Swan was fantastic, I didn’t have anything from the pub to eat, but I did bring some tube yogurts with me to eat. After the meal, we all sat and listened to Andy, Kevin & Stevie play the guitar. They were fantastic, everyone was asking me to play the guitar too, but I felt a bit shy, well and other reasons, but I won’t go into that. I ended up making up an excuse, but I knew everyone saw through that because each person has seen me play the guitar before. Anyhow, enough about that, I already feel guilty enough as it is.

The whole gathering was fantastic, I loved meeting everyone, and I hope that they all make next year’s gathering. I must admit something, the trip to York went by very fast, I should have booked a week there, it would have been better for me because I spent most of the time feeling sick.
When Sunday came along, I felt very saddened because I had to go back home, and I also had to say goodbye to Steve, Denise and Carl. I always hate saying goodbye to close friends because it feels like I won’t see them again, I know it seems very silly, but I am always like that with close friends.

Anyway, let’s get back to reality. Over the last week I have been feeling very sick, for some reason I have been unable to shift this cold. I don’t know why this won’t go, I have been looking after myself, so I don’t know what’s causing this. Anyhow, I will have to ride the wave, if it doesn’t go in a couple of weeks I will mention it to my doctor.
I think I will sign off now, but I will be back tomorrow with pictures from the York Gathering.
As you will see by the blog dates, I have been missing days out, this hasn’t been done on purpose, it was more to do with this infection and the lack of energy that comes with it.

Until tomorrow,


York Trip Part Three, and Funnies!

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So, it turns out, I started writing yesterdays blog, but due to my depression and pains, I decided to step away from the computer because it was starting to tick me off. I couldn’t think straight and life in general was starting to piss me off, and sorry for using that word, but oh well, this is my blog and not yours!

Anyway, where were we up to yesterday? If I remember correctly it was the end of Friday night. So, it was Saturday morning and I couldn’t sleep. I had been up most of the night because of the sickness, oh and the pain, believe me the pain was kicking my backside!
I got out of bed at 7am, and headed out of the hotel to find a local Costa Coffee or Starbucks. I looked at my iPhone maps application to locate the local shops (it wasn’t Apple Maps, couldn’t risk getting lost), it turns out Starbucks was closer, this meant I had to put up with second best, yes second best, you read that correctly, don’t judge me because I am a Costa Coffee Junkie! I swear, Costa Coffee need to sponsor me, I would drink there every day if they did, and no that isn’t a joke! I must ask my receptionist to write them a letter, after all, if you don’t ask, you don’t know if they will or not. I am making myself laugh with that receptionist line, who would silly enough to put up with my craziness? I wonder if K will? Saying that just made me giggle, but as I always tell K, a man is only as good as the woman who leads him.

Somehow I went off track there. So, I found Starbucks and asked for my usual order, and of course you will know what that is, big drum roll… One hot chocolate and one tea, see it never changes does it? The funniest thing was, the woman behind the counter gave me a weird look, it was like she saw a zombie walk in the shop, I don’t blame her really, I did look like death warmed up because of this cold.
So, with drinks in hand, I walked out of Starbucks and I headed back to the hotel. The walk was blissful, it was delightfully warm and peaceful. I was so relaxed, I took every step with smile on my face and the feeling of warmth running through every vain of my body. As I walked across the bridge near our hotel, I watched the sun slowly rise. The sky was blue and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen, and as the sunlight slowly came across the lake below, you could see the buildings reflect softly into the ripples of the water.

When I got back to the hotel room, I noticed that Laura (sister) & David (Laura’s partner) were still asleep, which was fine because it was only 8am, but I wasn’t going to sit around in the dark waiting for them to get up. So, I finished up my drinks and headed out again with my DSLR camera. While the morning was blissful, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to take some pictures, well and I was also bored, which didn’t help matters.

After thirty minutes of taking pictures, I headed back to the hotel in hope Laura & David would have been out of bed. I was totally wrong, they were still in bed, and I still had nothing to do. Laura heard me come through the door and she said we need to get some medicine for David because he wasn’t feeling well. So, with that said, we both headed out to the local Tesco express store to pick up some painkillers. When we brought everything we needed we walked out of the shop, and as looked to my left, I noticed a Costa Coffee express. Well, from there my Costa senses were tingling, I couldn’t resist, I had to have one! Okay, maybe I didn’t, but I did anyway, it wasn’t like I was going to turn down Costa Coffee!

So, with more drinks in hand, myself & Laura headed back to the hotel. When we got back, we found that David was waking up, which was good because he needed to be ready for the main gathering. I won’t say much about the gathering, but I was meeting some other friends from social networks that I am on.

After ten minutes went by, I received a text from Carl saying he was in our hotel lobby. So, with that said, I went down to meet him. Carl seemed like he was in good spirits, which was fantastic because I was too. When I met up with him, I still holding my drinks, so we sat down in the lobby having a chat, while we were waiting for everyone else to get ready for breakfast. I didn’t pay for breakfast in the hotel because I had my own yogurts, but this didn’t stop everyone else offering to get me food while we were in the breakfast bar. I would have done the same thing to be honest, can’t see friends go hungry.

So, to be brief, after a long game of hide-and-seek by Steve (yes Steve fouled us all), we all sat around a table in the breakfast bar. There was myself, Laura, Carl, Steve, Denise, Jo and Stevie sat around the table. We are a very close set of friends, and it was a pleasure to spend time eating breakfast together.

After everyone had finished breakfast, it was time for Carl to do the marmite challenge. This challenge is like a yearly tradition, all you have to do is take a spoonful of marmite and eat it without spitting any of it out or throwing up.
As Carl ate the marmite, you could tell by the expression on his face that he didn’t enjoy it much. I am hoping they don’t ask me to do it next year because I know it will make me throw up, or it will make me choke, which won’t be good because it is all recorded.

I am going to stop the story here for now because I am starting to get very tired. I have been in such a happy mood today, let’s hope this happy mood will be with me tomorrow.

Until tomorrow,


York Trip Part Two

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What a terrible day! I have hardly slept all night, and when I did wake up I had more rubbish news to deal with. I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that are getting on my wick lately, I wish I could share them in the blog, but I can’t because it is personal and I don’t want it out in the public domain. My depression has also been a pain in the backside. I end up blaming myself for everything, it seems stupid, but I do this all the time, and it will explain why I have to take strong pills for it.

Anyway, on to part two of the York trip. We were on the train heading towards York, I was so glad to be on the train, but then again, I wasn’t looking forward to the numb bum it would give me, after all it was two hours sitting around.

So, after a long train journey, we arrived in York twenty minutes late. As I mentioned previously, I was in York meeting a group of friends that I have known for sometime, and a few of them are really close to me, two of those close friends are Carl and Steve. I have met Carl before, but it was my first time meeting Steve. This may seem weird, but I was so nervous about meeting Steve, I don’t know why this happened, my legs went like jelly!

As we were walking along the platform, I was trying to see where Steve was because he was meeting me at one of the local Starbucks shops. Once I got over the bridge in the station, I looked over to my right and there was Steve, D & Carl (also other friends) sitting around a table at Starbucks, this was a massive delight to me because I was finally around my friends. When I reached the table, I was greeted by big hugs from Steve, D and Carl. I was lost for words, I don’t know why, it was like someone took all my words and hid them under a carpet.
After the initial stunned silence, I started to relax and open up, it seems silly, I talk to Steve everyday over the computer, but for some reason I couldn’t say anything. Anyhow, once we had our drinks, we headed towards our hotel.

Skipping ahead to the evening, sorry for doing this, but my memory is going haywire at the moment, those close friends will know why this is happening, but don’t worry I will talk about other things another time when I feel with it, this will include the visit to the haunted house. The evening was upon us and we all went to a lovely restaurant. I didn’t have anything to eat, but I did have plenty of tea to drink, even though I later regretted doing this. Once everyone was finished, we headed over to a local pub (public house).

When we got to the pub, the drinks started flowing and everyone sat around a table having a fantastic time together. After an hour went by, I started to feel very sick, and for some reason I started to feel faint. When this happened, Carl looked at me and said are you okay? I replied no, I am going to be sick, he noticed I was going pale. After this Steve asked the same thing, and I replied I need to get out of here. So, with that said, me and Steve headed outside. I felt like I could hardly walk, I had a massive shake going on because I was starting to get scared. Thanks to Steve, D and Carl for being there for me, they noticed how sick I was and helped me get back to my hotel room.

I have to cut the story here for now, I am starting to feel my depression kick my backside again, but oh well, I will be back tomorrow with more of the story.

Until tomorrow,


York Trip Part One

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Monday is here unfortunately, and the weekend trip to York has ended. I had such a fantastic time in York, such a delightful place. I loved how everything looked different, and how life seemed very relaxed. I currently live in a little place in Essex, it is quiet, but it doesn’t have any character, well it does, but those weird characters are the people who live around in the area. I don’t want this to turn into a rant post, but everyone is different, I just prefer places that have more character, e.g. Old buildings or the countryside.

The trip to York started last Friday at 6am, it was very early for me, I had no energy, but this was caused by a cold.
After much messing around with train companies, myself, Laura (sister) and David (Laura’s Partner) hopped on the train and headed towards London Fenchurch Street railway station. I couldn’t believe how many people were on the train, they must have wet the bed or something because the train was packed, this is something I really hate because I hate being closed in.

Once we arrived at Fenchurch Street, we had to go over to the ticket office because the tickets we had were issued wrongly the day before by our local railway station. Anyway, to be brief, after many arguments with the ticket office, we got our tickets changed. The time was now 8am, and I was in need of a well-deserved drink. I hadn’t had one for several hours, so I think I was in need of a top up. There was one problem with this though, there were no Costa Coffee’s close by and I had to settle for second best, which was Starbucks. Anyhow, with my drinks in hand, we went over to a bench and had a rest.


Kings Cross, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

So, after I finished my drinks, we headed towards Kings Cross Station. We didn’t need to rush because our journey was messed up by the train network, which meant we had five hours to waste, well I say five hours, well, it was more like three hours after all the arguing, but either way we had to find something to do. When we arrived at Kings Cross Station, Laura wanted to go over to Platform nine and three quarters because it was where one of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. I have never been a Harry Potter fan, maybe it is too complex for me, or maybe it isn’t something that interests me, who knows?

While we were waiting, I felt my stomach twinge, it was having big spasms and it certainly wasn’t shy about showing how bad the spasms were. When the spasms got worse, I had to rush to the toilet. Which wasn’t such a task this time because I didn’t have to pay to use them, normally it is 30p a time, but I was in luck, the change machines had broken which means the toilets have to be open without charge. I was sitting in the toilet for over thirty minutes trying to cure this pain, but it was having none of it.

Talking about these pains, I have to sign off now to take some medication. I will be telling this story in parts, so bare with me because it will get interesting!

Until tomorrow,



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