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Big Ben 3D Puzzle, lots of fun for all the family… It nearly gets thrown out of the WINDOW! Family friendly they say? That was dismissed after the first 10 minutes.

Outro Music by Deaf Kev Invincible (NCS).

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Blocking People out — The Demise

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I think it’s safe to say that we all at times re-evaluate our lives to see what can make things a lot smoother and stress-free. I have been caught between this re-evaluation period for some months now and I can certainly determine without any doubt that it has been a wise experience, Many long term friends that I went to school with have faced the chop and even long standing friends from my childhood have faced the same fate. 

When drastic actions like this are undertook it usually doesn’t affect anyone within a close circle, but mine has needed that push to think who will be there in the long run. I can’t say that it’s been easy, nor can I say that it’s been something I set out to do, but I can say that it has been something I needed to do. I had to do it, I could not allow it to continue on that road, and that is why I had to make a new road for myself even if that meant going at it alone. 

Many people blocked me from social media months ago for choices I made-which is fine-but at times I don’t think anyone grasps the fact that you have to make your own choices and take any risks whether it means you lose people or not. 

You know what my problem is? Being too trusting and caring. People over the years have taken advantage of that on a big scale. Many of those who I have trusted with huge amounts of money and who have now left me high & dry to pick up pieces of my life that were once stable which are now ruining a possible future. I often blame myself for being too kind to people because I know ultimately that it is my fault because I allowed it to happen. I allowed them to have that privilege, but they were only after one thing-by the way this is many people, not just one person. 

Over a course of four years, my life has been on a downhill. Money has dwindled, people have walked away, and my health has diminished. I predicted a lot of my future and it’s beyond crazy. 

In 2009 I predicted that my money situation would start in early 2015 which would foresee me losing any savings or luxury goods. Even though the timing wasn’t correct I did see a loss as of late 2015; close enough.  

As of 2011, I predicted that I would have a heart problem within four years. Which they did in early 2013, but a final diagnosis was made in mid-2016. I was admitted into the hospital the on 17th January 2013 with a heart rate of 154 which they put it down to anxiety. After three years and many tests later, they discovered that my body produced too much adrenaline, and this was their final conclusion as they found no other defects with my heart or health. 

Late 2013 I also predicted my massive weight gain-but I’m not sure whether this was a lucky guess or life changes. Either way, whatever it was I gained fifty-four pounds within two years. 

With all this said, has my life just dealt me a bad hand or was my life determined to head in this direction? Or could it be possible that I foresee my own future? Crazy as it may seem it might be true and no one will ever know if my predictions were true. 

There’s a little brain teaser for you to mule over. 

YouTube Dislike Button — Exposed 

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As a content creator for YouTube we all strive for positive feedback, but at times you find that this isn’t always the case. Negativity thrives within the YouTube platform, it’s plagued with people who want to put you down and cast aspersions on you as a content creator.
If we look at the history of this problem it becomes clear that these people who want to spread negativity are going away from commenting their thoughts to hitting the dislike button to show their disgust. Where those who do this think it has an impact on you, but the real reality is, it helps you rather than hinders you.

Just like a search engine, all videos are graded by an SEO score, or in other words, the video is ranked by its content (title, description, and meta tags.) The score is usually generated by normal scoring methods at the time of upload, but later on, as the video grows it will decide a new rank based on an interaction rate.
The interaction rate is determined by four major factors: likes, dislikes, views, and shares. For example, you could get a point for each factor and that will be added to your overall score. But, we must remember all systems are different and YouTube could score everything differently to the way I explained above.
No matter what way we explain the scoring, you will still receive a good score for highly disliked content. Bad publicity as they is good publicity, grab it with both hands and embrace the negativity.

Most of the time people who spread this negativity are of a younger age and they don’t know any better, which isn’t an excuse for their actions, but we must remember that it is an attempt at getting attention from you. It is likely that they are a young child seeking attention, but it comes out as aggression because they don’t get any attention from their home setting. Or, they are someone who is struggling with aspects of their life and again, it comes out as aggression and not anything rational.

There is no way to end this problem 100%, but do we really want to cut this problem? Bad publicity is the cornerstone to success these days and it can open doors for you; that’s what we all strive for, embrace it.

Two Minute Take – YouTube Channel

Facebook Messenger Active Now — Problem

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The same old plagued question with Facebook: why am I showing as active now? This question is always being asked within Facebook’s support centre, and it’s about time someone put logic across to explain how this is happening.

Previously I explained about the “Active Now” message and what it meant, but even after explaining this, it still seems that millions of users are facing this issue. I am also one of those users who face this issue, and at times it has caused issues.

There will be specific reasons why this is occurring, most of which you wouldn’t even think of, but I do believe this could be the reasons why.

Being a new Android user I have found that using Facebook Messenger “heads” has caused my account to be active all the time. As you can tell this is a big glitch, but one Facebook could fix. When you use Facebook heads it essentially checks for new changes (messages) regularly, and because it’s always looking the master session doesn’t reset and there for producing a false active now message.

As I explained in previous articles, Facebook games and also other apps can cause the false “Active Now” message. These games and apps cause the session to become active because it touches the Facebook server, but sometimes the server forgets to timeout the session which leads to the false reporting of your account session.

If you’ve read the previous article, you will know that I said “There isn’t a way to fix it,” but I now believe that there could be a way to fix it. Whether it is an app or desktop site, it should have an automatic session timeout request where it talks back to Facebook after a length of time and it updates the session file. This should fix the issue because it allows it to be updated correctly, and it becomes more reliable.

It often questions why Facebook hasn’t thought of a better way to cure this issue, but again, does it need fixing, or are we all over obsessing with this issue? Have your say in the comment section below.

Younger Generation — Speech 

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If I had one thing to say to the younger generation it would be this:

Life itself can be a challenge, you have it easy now, but as you grow up, the essence of life can become an untamed battle of wisdom and strength. 

Live by your own goals, do not let others define the person you want to be. Nothing is too crazy, be a misfit, stand out from the crowd, and don’t shy away in a corner. 

Love each and every day like it was your last, wake up every morning like it was a breath of fresh air. Times can be hard, but you must rise above those times. Good family and friends will get you through the toughest of times. 

Do not judge people by the mistakes of others, judge them as a human being, we are all equal in this world. If you believe that you are better than someone else, it will mean that you’re locked in a state of no freedom, let this go, let your ego disappear, and give yourself the freedom back. 

As time goes by life will become effortless, so love, care, and don’t judge. We are all on the same path, some choose to take it differently, while others follow. Being different won’t mean that you are doing it wrong, it just means you see the world in a different light. If you follow the crowd, it will mean you choose to conform to social convention, which is fine. But, take those risks, don’t always follow the crowd like a lost puppy, define yourself and become someone who changes the world.  

Thank you, Marc. 

HungryHouse — Your best way for Takeaway

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HungryHouse, your best way for takeaway. 

I’ve been using this service for many months now and I have nothing, but good things to say about them. 

Before I discovered HungryHouse I was using a service called JustEat, but this wasn’t to last very long because I had a bout of food poisoning from the Chinese takeaway I ordered from. Yes, this could have happen with any takeaway service, but I felt dissatisfied that they had a poor quality takeaway on their database. 

When ordering from HungryHouse I have always received top quality food and superb customer service. There has been a small amount of times where I’ve had issues (very small), but HungryHouse have always come through for me. 

HungryHouse also love their customers, they always love to talk and find out about the people they serve. I have found myself many times in conversation with them, them, not just about their service, but on a personal level too. I find it loving that they go out their way to message me to see how I am and to ask about current projects I have going on. 

Now, I must clear up something. Some people make out that HungryHouse is the provider of your food—if they could they would—but they are just a takeaway directory that try to give you access to quality takeaways in your area. But, I must defend them because they do try to provide top quality all the time. 

So, enough of my ramblings. What are you waiting for? Head over to HungryHouse to order your takeaway today. On a side note, HungryHouse do have special offers on sometimes, keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook for these deals. 

Website: HungryHouse.co.uk


Life’s Hard — Social Anxiety

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Life has certainly been hard for me over the recent months, loads of stuff went on, and I’m now back to where I started. 

I can’t go into it all, but people got their way. I am back to staying in the house from weeks to even months at a time, and I am unable to interact with people. This will mean one thing, I have to take the pills again; it isn’t something I want by choice, but I have no other choice. Maybe I will enjoy all the pretty colours?

I’m struggling to deal with this, and plus I am struggling with my other conditions. Pain galore all the time and flat out on my bed all day due to dizziness. 

But, yes, even with these kicking my backside, I am still continuing to do my usual hobbies. The books, blogs, music, and videos are still continuing to keep me busy, but I must am it that it’s making me very tired. 

Anyhow, there’s my rambled thoughts and update. This should make some sense, or in my case, it’s the ramblings of a mental patient. 


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