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Life insurance saga

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So, I have finally decided to get life insurance, not that I am happy about doing because I’ve always been against it. Over the years many friend’s and family members have advised me about life insurance, but I’ve never felt the need to take a policy out because in my opinion it’s all about death and that’s one thing I don’t like talking about. It seems so final to me, and until now I’ve never wanted to discuss it.
     But, I gave it some thought yesterday and I came to the conclusion that it was better to have cover then leaving people with huge bills when and if I pass away. I shouldn’t say because I know it’s going to happen, but I just don’t like thinking about it, or talking about it.
     Now, don’t go getting ideas to kill me off, I can see those cogs working in your mind, but I’m ahead of your game. I know that was a crazy bit of humour.
     Anyhow, I am off now to do some more writing, the joys of being a writer!

The Waiting Game Starts

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THE WAITING GAME STARTS. I had my brain scan last night, initially it went well, but I have to wait now for the results, which take upto two to three weeks to come back. So, as you can tell, I will be on edge until the results come back. I am expecting something to come back because of my current symptoms, it would be crazy if nothing came back, and if it did, I wouldn’t know what to do after that.
     Scans these days seem to be getting quicker, I walked into the hospital at 6:10pm, had the scan at 6:18pm, walked out there at 6:23pm, and I was home by 6:35pm—fantastic! The person doing the scan was really kind, they let me take my shirt off for the scan because I was getting hot from my anxiety, and they didn’t rush me to get it done. While I was having the scan, I could feel my anxiety getting higher, I could even hear my heart thumping in my ears, and at that point I thought I was going to freakout. I felt so embarrassed at the end though, when I attempted to sit up again, I failed, so they gave me a helpful lift, but to be honest I would have suggested a crane because of my extra weight.
     I certainly need to lose the extra pounds, or I need to tone my body to make me stronger. I feel totally embarrassed, it makes me feel like some fat slob, and I know it isn’t healthy for me to carry this much extra weight.
     Anyhow, signing off, don’t want to end this on a bad note, even though I do feel down about the extra weight gain.

Life Changes You

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When I think about my life, I can’t help, but to think that it’s always on a never ending downhill slope that will lead me to a bottomless pit. The never ending health complications, anxiety, panic attacks, the list goes on. Does this mean my life is going to be a never ending list of problems? Well, who knows? I can’t even answer that myself. The worst thing about all these complications are, I try everything I can to cure them, but they never stop. In hindsight, I’ve made bad choices in my life, especially my teenage years, and I could go as far as to say I’ve made similar mistakes even now at the age of twenty-five.
Some people say life changes you, but is this really true? When you look at lifestyles and choices, it is clear that we have a direct impact on how our lives change. But, with that in mind, would you apply the same logic to those whom look after themselves and try to do the right thing to live a healthy life? If you think about it, some parts of life are simply illogical, people die for no reason, hatred is spread worldwide, politics rules us all, and in the end, all we are is a number, and in the end that’s all we are, even when we are dead and gone. That may have seemed morbid, but this is fact, we don’t live a fairytale story, we live in this tangible place called reality, it’s not made up, it’s what we live.
Life isn’t a fairytale, if it was, well, this life would be a happier place, and I guess that’s the reason that people watch the Disney channel because they can escape reality, even if it is just for an hour.
Enough of my ramblings, stay blessed, stay well, I am sure this blog will enlighten, or at best get your mind thinking.

Accentuate The Positive

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While the Mr. GIT eBook series carries on to have some download success, and much enjoyment, not only for the readers, but for myself and Steve as well. We have now decided it’s time to start expanding our little miserable character into to something more tangible. In a recent discussion, it was clear that we needed to make changes to Mr. GIT, not just in the way he is, but his name as well. As you know, we’ve always loved this character because in some way we all know someone like him, or even have a family member like him. The one thing that sets this character apart is his ability to use an open mind to say what we’re all thinking on different subjects.
Now, nothing major is changing, we just needed to make adjustments to stop any confusion with the definition of “GIT.” The original series will remain the same—it would take time to amend the current eBooks,—but from the next publication Mr. GIT will be known as Mr. Ronnie GITT. The adventures of Ronnie GITT, rolls off the tongue don’t you think?
In terms of pricing, the eBooks will remain free, and that includes any further publications under the new name. So, don’t worry, eBooks will remain free across all stores. Even though these will remain free, there will be other things added in terms of merchandise and paperback/hardback books to help fund this project. Some people may think this is a bad move, but I see it as a projection towards something we believe in and have a massive passion for.
With that said, I’m signing off, time to lie down, tiredness is kicking and this iPad screen is becoming a blur on the vision of the already impaired eyes of the user.

The Time, InstaScrapBook

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The time has come to make some changes, it wasn’t something I initially planned, nor was it something I wanted to do, but sometimes change is good. Over a year ago I published a book called “InstaScrapBook 2012 Picks,” a book that showcased pictures from my own Instagram feed in a year-by-year format. Now, the book wasn’t made to be a success, but more of a history collection—think of it like a time capsule, but in the format of a book. I wanted to share this with everyone, and seeing as I am new to all this publishing stuff, I decided to publish it; I guess I wasn’t expecting the negativity that came along with it.
Yes, unfortunately, there has been some negativity, or should I say, a lot of negativity. I’ve had many comments surrounding this book, people claim they could do better, but with that said, if they could do better, then please publish a similar book. Still, on the negative side. This book has been illegally distributed on pirating websites, which have now been banned from major search engines for their actions. When I discovered this it annoyed me, I won’t hide that fact, but after a long thinking session, I decided that there was nothing I could do, so in a way I was doing something good rather than bad. Normally when people do these things, it usually means that it’s popular and they don’t want people to pay the expensive price, so they host it on sites to allow free downloads.
I won’t repeat history, but this is why I have decided to retire the paperback version of this book and give away the eBook version for free across all the eBook stores. These changes have been submitted today (23 March 2014) and it could take up to six weeks to reflect any price changes. The paperback version could also take time to disappear, but until then, you will have every opportunity to purchase a copy, but remember this will be for a very limited time.
So, what can I say? Nothing more can really be said in all honesty, I tried an idea, but it failed. I can’t look at this as a failure, I have to take this as a lesson along the author road. No point crying over spilt milk.

An Absence from Writing

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It’s been some time since I have written a blog, and in all honesty, it has been a long time since I’ve written anything. Life has been very weird recently, but then again, it has been very hectic too. I had a health scare back in the early part of January this year, it was like a jack-in-the-box, sprung out from nowhere, and even after tests they never knew what was causing my heart to race; oh sorry, there was one thing they blamed and that was a medication I was taking to help me sleep, apparently if it is used over time it can do damage to nerves in the brain, which therefore causes other problems. After this scary event, I was told that I had to take a beta blocker every day of my life to prevent this from happening again; how enjoyable is that?

Anyhow, apart from the health problem, I’ve been keeping busy with the house move, which in hindsight, this move was much easier than previous moves we’d done before. The only thing that’s left to do is the carpets for the two main bedrooms, but that isn’t something we have to get done straight away. I’ve been living here over a month now, and I can certainly say it is very quiet, you hardly hear any noise, so it’s all a plus for me.

I am going to skip ahead to the important subject of this blog, and that is books. Now, there will be plenty more publications from me, but I am taking my time over certain projects. Many projects are being wrote at once, plenty of fresh ideas, and a lot of expanding on existing book series’. The one character I am looking to expand further is Mr. GIT, he is such a quirky character, never holding back his opinion. I wonder what he would be like as a detective?

The GIT series has always amazed me, he was loosely based off of real people, and somehow, I mixed them together and came up with Mr. GIT; such a surprise when you think about it. But, all-in-all, this little character has become a small success, the eBooks are downloaded every day without fail, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Now, let’s not forget, this series wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have the support from my co-author Steve Wright, which ironically, he is one of the people I based Mr. GIT on, so it is a pleasure to do this alongside Steve, his humour smooths off, and makes the eBooks complete.

Again, thanks to everyone who is supporting me during this time, remember I won’t let anything beat me, so keep an eye on this space because there’s plenty more to come.

Holiday, Norfolk, September 2013

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The tents up

Friday, 13 September, 2013

Well, it’s Friday the 13th, the most feared day of the year according to the suspicious people of the world. I never understood why people worry about Friday the 13th, it’s a normal day, nothing more and nothing less.

Anyhow, before I give you all a lecture, let’s discuss a different topic. The camping is going great so far, it’s been relaxing, and most of all, it had been peaceful. The first day was amazing, while we were traveling in the car, I spent the time talking to Steve on a FaceTime call—thank you unlimited data! As always there were many laughs and jokes between us, it wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t joke around.

Today was the day I had to ring the doctor to see whether they’ve had my test results back. When I rang, they weren’t sure if the tests came back yet, but after a quick search, they located both results. Well, here goes nothing, the tests came back all clear, which is fantastic news, but then again, it still leaves one question, what is causing me to feel this sick? I will be seeing my doctor when I get home because there must be something causing it, knowing my luck it will be something simple. I do have a few theories about what it could be; one of them suggests that my anxiety could be the problem because it’s been unstable recently. Either way, I’ll see what the doctor has to say, no point thinking of what it could be because it could be completely wrong.


Hunstanton Beach September 2013

We spent most of the day in Hunstanton, it was nice to walk along the seafront, the air was fresh, and again, it was peaceful. After a short walk around the shops, we decided to grab some food from a chip shop we found. I didn’t have anything to eat, these stomach problems were giving me many problems, but I did manage to have a cup of tea.


Saturday, 14 September, 2013

The rain has been battering our tent all night, and to top it off, the curry we had last night upset my stomach and had me up at all hours. I can remember when I could eat anything without having these problems, but those days are over for me–thanks stomach, you ruined it for me. Anyway, enough complaining. We are off to Cromer today, it’s a bit like Hunstanton, but it’s a bit bigger.


Cromer Beach 2013

Cromer was a very nice place, it’s a busy little town, it reminded me of the TV series “Last of the summer wine”. This would be a lovely place to retire in years to come. We started our walk near the pier, the wind was strong, it blew us in every direction. After we went around a few shops, I started to feel thirsty. It was time for a drop of tea. We found a cafè called “Breakers Cafè”–it can be found on Gardens Street. Their prices were very cheap, a cup of tea was 90p, can’t turn down that bargain–better than paying London prices. If you’re passing by, I would highly recommend that you drop in.

Once we finished out drinks, it was time to find a place to eat. I wanted something to eat, but there wasn’t anything I felt comfortable eating in the restaurant. I know it’s silly, but I can’t push myself when I feel uneasy, knowing my luck I’ll choke on something. After I made the decision not to have anything, I started to feel depressed. I don’t why this started, I was having a lovely day and I had no reason to feel like this.

So, as you can guess, the drive home was quiet. I didn’t want to say much because I felt unwell, and I also wanted to keep my problems quiet so I didn’t raise any concerns. Maybe it was the lack of food that caused my low mood? I’m never 100% sure what causes these moods, I guess it’s a case of trial and error with these things.

When we arrived back at the tent, mum made me a quick dinner, she could tell I was hungry. Anyhow, I had my meal, which filled a hole, but it didn’t improve my low mood. I guess I’ll have to ride this out and see what tomorrow brings.


Hunstanton Beach Windy Day September 2013

Sunday, 15 September, 2013

The cold weather has hit is hard today, and the gale force winds are set to test the strength of our tent–hopefully we won’t blow away. When I woke this morning, I could feel the bitter air wash over my feet like ice-cold daggers. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get warm.

Lunchtime came along fast, which meant it was nearly time for everyone to have lunch at the camp restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn’t join them, but I did have a small meal at the tent. While everyone else was lunching, I decided to watch some television-yes we took a television-and write some of this blog. After an hour went by. Everyone came back, and it was time to get some shopping from the local Tesco shop.

When we arrived at the shop, we all decided what we were buying. Myself and Laura went off together to get our shopping, we left mum and dad to grab what they needed. As we were browsing through the books, we heard a massive bang. Laura went to investigate, and it turned out to be one of their checkouts exploding–some clever sod spilt water on it. Moments after, an alarm went off and the staff were asking everyone to evacuate the building immediately.

The race was on. We had to reach the next Tesco in Hunstanton before it closed at 5pm. While we were heading towards the shop, I was checking to see what kind of shop it was because the last thing we needed was an express shop-I won’t go into a rant about that today. So, thanks to poor phone connectivity, the nearest one came up as an express shop. I thought this was rather odd, the next shop should have been a superstore because it was closer to us-failed technology at its best.

When we arrived at the second shop, myself and Laura went off together again in search of the books we picked up in the previous shop. Unfortunately, the shop had none of the books, but they had the new James Patterson novel I wanted.

So, with shopping in hand, we got back in the car and headed back to the tent–well, that’s if mum doesn’t get us lost first. Mum decided to direct dad through the countryside route–which added thirty minutes to our journey–and we were treated to miles of fields to look at.

Monday, 16 September, 2013

Well, it turns out that my stomach had other plans for me today. I’ve had none stop problems all day; pains, spasms, and to top it all off, I have a cold. I guess these problems won’t disappear overnight–would be great if they did.

Dad decided that we were going on a cat journey today, which was okay, but I didn’t fancy it due to my stomach problems. I knew I couldn’t let this get to me, so I decided to fill my hot water bottle to take with me. The start of the journey was a bumpy ride for my stomach, with every bump I clutched onto my hot water bottle, holding in hope that my pains settled down.

Our first stop was to the Tesco that experienced a checkout breakdown yesterday–they were still yapping on about it. I finally brought the two books I wanted the day before, I had them in the trolley yesterday, but as you already know, I had no chance to buy them–the checkout decided to explode with excitement …

While we were browsing, I had a sudden urge to buy iced buns. This was something random, it felt like I was a pregnant woman with bad cravings. I do this most of the time, I guess you could call it a weird quirk of mine.

Anyhow, the journey went okay, but I won’t hide the fact I fell asleep a few times from boredom. The last stop we made was to Hunstanton to pick up some gifts for Hannah, Amber, and Mia–notice those initials spell HAM? I didn’t get them anything because I forgot to withdraw money, but never fear, I’ll get them something when I get home.

So, on that note, it’s time to sign off on this blog post. I hope you all enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

New Phone Change

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This blog is somewhat late—five days to be exact—I can only apologies for this. Health problems have kicked me seven ways from Sunday, it’s crazy how this condition renders me helpless and I have to lie in bed all day. I’m hoping the tests come back today or tomorrow, it’s been nearly a week now so, I can’t see why they wouldn’t have it.

Let’s discuss something else away from all these health issues. I brought a new phone two days ago because my iPhone 5 has started to develop a few problems that were getting on my nerves—ironically this happens just before the warranty expires, thanks Apple …

The phone I got as a replacement was the Samsung Galaxy S3, even though this wasn’t my preferred choice, but it was better than nothing at all. As you all know, or even if didn’t know, I’m an avid fan of the Apple platform. Since 2007 I’ve owned many iPhones, and even though many of these broke down, I still remained loyal to the platform. The only thing that has put me off is the hardware faults, I thought faults where a thing of the past, but I guess I was wrong.

Anyhow, I’m off camping for a week tomorrow with my family, so don’t expect miracles for the blog. I will try to write and upload a blog during the week, but either way, you will find updates and photos across my social media pages—Facebook and Twitter. So, on that note, I’m off now to pack. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

Heat Pulsating

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5 September 2013: Thursday

Pulsating Heat

Well, that was a weird start to the day—like always. I started to feel very unwell, but after one or another, this sick feeling changed into a controlled fever. This made me feel like a fire that had been burning for hours, imagine the roaring heat radiating all over your body and slowly pulsating from head to foot, and the heat is making you sweat uncontrollably. As you can imagine, this isn’t a nice feeling, but this is how I’ve been feeling all day.

Anyhow, I don’t want to bore you all with my health problems, even though, it’s a fact of life—unfortunately—we get sick and it’s something we all go through. So, with sickness still plaguing me, I had no choice, but to lie down on my bed and rest. I know I’m behind on many projects, but what author isn’t? Sometimes we can’t keep to the  deadlines we set ourselves, but ironically I’m going to say it doesn’t matter. These things aren’t life or death, keeping yourself healthy is life or death. As the old saying goes, your health is most important and put yourself first.

Well, there’s me thinking that these problems had subsided. After I had dinner, I started to feel very hot, and worse of all, a panic attack has started. There’s wishful thinking, now I’m having to have a few puffs on my electric cigarette to calm me down. The best thing I can do is go to bed because it will help settle me down—I hope anyway. The weather isn’t helping matters, it’s very hot at the moment and my body is certainly hating it.

Talking about things my body hate, I’ve got a blood test tomorrow, and I’m not looking forward to it. Having blood taken isn’t really the issue, it’s more the “what ifs” afterwards. I guess I’m afraid that something bad will appear and that will be the end of my life. I know I shouldn’t think like this, but I have massive fears, and most of all, I haven’t finished achieving what I need to yet.

Anyhow, enough of being morbid, I’m off to lie down and watch some television. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

6 September 2013: Friday

Blood Taken

Today started out with an appointment at the doctors, which I wasn’t looking forward to—that’s putting it politely. I hate having these tests, it always makes me think that something bad will crop up—it will be just my luck. Anyhow, I don’t think it will be too bad, they’ve already hinted that I may have IBD (Inflamed Bowel Disease).

I often wonder how nurses can do their jobs, after all, taking blood isn’t one of the most appealing perks of the job.

After I had my blood taken, it was time to meet up with my sister (Cassie). We were heading into the town centre to grab some shopping, and to also buy a new bed for me.

The bed I have is starting to become uncomfortable, it feels like I’m lying on a bed of bricks, and no matter what way I sleep it puts strain on my body.

I’m having to stop the blog here for now because I’ve got some pain, I’ll have to discuss this on Sunday. Until the next blog, stay safe & take care.

Hardest Challenge Starts!

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11 August: Sunday

Hardest Challenge!

I’m probably facing the hardest challenge of my life right now, and that is to write about bad times in my life. This isn’t easy for me, and no matter what happens I know I have to push myself through it for my own sake. I know one thing, this will make many people proud of me, but then again, I know some people will get upset by the whole story.

When I publish this book, it won’t be done to get sympathy, it will be to highlight the struggles I went through and to raise awareness. Some people out there of course will try to make something crude out of it all, but then you will have the audience who will listen and feel everything I went through.

Let’s go on to a different topic. You may have noticed that the blogs have started to get shorter. Well, this is simply because we’re coming up to the end of the summer season, and I really need a break. Writing is something I love, but when you’re doing every day, it starts to become stressful, and that’s something I need to avoid. I want to make you all aware that the last blog of this season will be August 19th and the book will be published on or around September 1st. So, on that note, I’m off to write my story. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

12 August: Monday

Suffer the Little Children Book Review

Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve been mentioning a book across Twitter and Facebook. As I reached the end of every chapter, I would give a quick review of what I just read, sometimes it would be a nice comment, but then other times it would be anger, I would go off the rails and let my opinion out, and I wouldn’t care what those people thought, most of the time people would like what I posted, and then they would re-tweet or share my posts. I want to make an apology for losing it, but in some ways, I felt that these feelings of anger and frustration were necessary.

So, let’s get down to the review on Goodreads. I want all to keep in mind that I held my anger back because I feel the book is fantastic, and I didn’t want to give the book a bad name.

“As I reflect through my notes on this book, I feel the overwhelming to get something off my chest about this book, but I’ll retain my composure and explain my review calmly. These girls put trust in the nuns who cared for them, and that was totally dashed once they abused their position as a nun. While you read this book, you will feel many emotions. You will feel everything poor Frances goes through, and in some ways you will feel the urge that you need to help her.

As the story continues, you will uncover Frances special powers after she loses her father. After reading the next chapter, I became very annoyed, maybe this was because I felt every word that was being said. This happened throughout reading this book, and in some ways I was glad to finish the book. Now, don’t misunderstand me, the book was fantastic and I would read it again, but my sadness was contained within me as I read every word.

I’m glad that Frances was able to sort her life, and to find justice against those who did her wrong. No one deserves what the girls went through, and I do hope Karma comes around and bites them on the backside because all they did was abuse their position, and they knew no one would second guess them because of who they were.

Enough said, a fantastic book, and well worth reading!” 

Link to review and notes: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/683371359

I know this review is very opinionated, but once you read the book, you will understand why I’ve been stern in my review. This story was worth every moment I spent reading it, and I’m sure you will enjoy it too!

As you can probably guess, I wrote this part the night before. I did this to prevent myself from forgetting, and rushing around at the last minute to finish up the blog. So, on that note, I’m off to rest. I have a busy day tomorrow, and I need to be up early, but sure, I’ll discuss that tomorrow.

I can’t believe it, it’s currently 12:34am and I can’t sleep. I don’t understand it, I’m yawning my head off, surely I should be fast asleep? I think I know the two main reasons for this happening, one, my shoulder and spine are killing me, and two, my mind is wide awake and overactive. Anyhow, let’s try attempt number two to see if I’ll sleep.

Well, it looks like I’m very unwell again; I don’t know what’s caused this, but changes are, it’s something that hasn’t agreed with my stomach. I wouldn’t mind, but I felt great this morning until this came along at 10am. This all started while I was walking through the shop with my sister (Cassie). I think I’m just catching everything these days, one bug after another, let’s hope this only a twenty-four hour thing.

Anyhow, I must go back to resting. I hope everyone stays safe and well, until the next blog take care.


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