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HungryHouse — Your best way for Takeaway

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HungryHouse, your best way for takeaway. 

I’ve been using this service for many months now and I have nothing, but good things to say about them. 

Before I discovered HungryHouse I was using a service called JustEat, but this wasn’t to last very long because I had a bout of food poisoning from the Chinese takeaway I ordered from. Yes, this could have happen with any takeaway service, but I felt dissatisfied that they had a poor quality takeaway on their database. 

When ordering from HungryHouse I have always received top quality food and superb customer service. There has been a small amount of times where I’ve had issues (very small), but HungryHouse have always come through for me. 

HungryHouse also love their customers, they always love to talk and find out about the people they serve. I have found myself many times in conversation with them, them, not just about their service, but on a personal level too. I find it loving that they go out their way to message me to see how I am and to ask about current projects I have going on. 

Now, I must clear up something. Some people make out that HungryHouse is the provider of your food—if they could they would—but they are just a takeaway directory that try to give you access to quality takeaways in your area. But, I must defend them because they do try to provide top quality all the time. 

So, enough of my ramblings. What are you waiting for? Head over to HungryHouse to order your takeaway today. On a side note, HungryHouse do have special offers on sometimes, keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook for these deals. 

Website: HungryHouse.co.uk


Life’s Hard — Social Anxiety

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Life has certainly been hard for me over the recent months, loads of stuff went on, and I’m now back to where I started. 

I can’t go into it all, but people got their way. I am back to staying in the house from weeks to even months at a time, and I am unable to interact with people. This will mean one thing, I have to take the pills again; it isn’t something I want by choice, but I have no other choice. Maybe I will enjoy all the pretty colours?

I’m struggling to deal with this, and plus I am struggling with my other conditions. Pain galore all the time and flat out on my bed all day due to dizziness. 

But, yes, even with these kicking my backside, I am still continuing to do my usual hobbies. The books, blogs, music, and videos are still continuing to keep me busy, but I must am it that it’s making me very tired. 

Anyhow, there’s my rambled thoughts and update. This should make some sense, or in my case, it’s the ramblings of a mental patient. 

Orphaned Wild Boar Piglet Is Adopted by German Herd of Cows — Weird News

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MAINZ, Germany — An orphaned wild boar piglet has found a new family: a herd of milk cows.

“I spotted the little fellow about two weeks ago,” 16-year old Jakob Kraft told NBC News from his family’s farm near the German town of Goettingen. “We thought it was quite funny that the little boar was mingling among the cows on our meadow.”

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Twins drink shots made from 130 of the world’s hottest chillis — Weird News

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Twin brothers make a drink from 130 of the world’s hottests chillis and see who can go the longest without a drink of milk.

A stomach-churning video has emerged of twin brothers competing in a chili pepper challenge involving five shots each, made up of 130 juiced chilis.

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